North University Campus Belle "new song" to help PA   hit the face of many actresses — Entertainment Channel – Harlem Yu team started the five strong race Wu Yingxiang and Wu Ying butterfly music dream Wu Yingxiang show in the match in the new song "China goddess fan" the youngest member of the Wu Yingxiang Harlem Yu school was recognized as dry daughter in blind, since after the broadcast on the topic constantly, and her sister to the families of the identity of appearance also attracted high attention. It is reported that Wu Yingxiang’s sister Wu Ying butterfly is not only the value of the appearance of a large number of bursts of talent, but also the North University school beauty, but also hit the face of a number of entertainment actress. In an interview, Wu Yingxiang said he was influenced by music from childhood, my father playing the guitar mother to dance, my sister is a small piano player. Wu Yingxiang admitted that the agreement with the sister from the urine, grow up together to sing on the big stage. Today, two sisters wear dress debut show is very eye-catching, although Wu Ying butterfly just in the background for her cheer, but because the pure looks to get loved netizens. In fact, Wu Yingdie outstanding temperament, body proud, did not lose the entertainment actress. Not only that, she is knowledgeable and quick thinking of the Beijing University student, and environmental engineering, Peking University and the Beijing Normal University Psychology Department of Tsinghua University is a professional admission, PA hundred-percent campus belle. Compared to the new song intense tension PK game, outside the professional singing outside the news, is the favorite to eat melon masses. Subsequently, Wu Yingdie’s information and a large number of private photos have been grilled out. Although college students, but Wu Yingdie is already a member of the women’s team for the MissQ campus Belle looks outstanding, amazing vocals by Feng "gentle goddess" of the title, is captured in the online vote of fans. To know that this group is a group of high value, high intelligence, high altitude Girl. In fact, Wu Yingdie temperament and quite a bit similar to the two photos of the comparison, in the face of the face has reached the level of. In this regard, there are friends quipped: I have adult poetry poetry, you have successfully joined my luxury goddess package. Wu Ying readily look butterfly makeup as fresh and refined, full of vitality, can not help but think of marrying his country’s netizens goddess Tang Wei. For the lips with Wu Ying butterfly is domineering exposed, fashion sense bursting, so many onlookers have a message said: for the goddess of the flop. It is worth mentioning that, in this group of five to Harlem Yu in the finals, Wu Yingdie came on the show to sister cheer, was also named the four tutors interaction, more exciting lock Friday night 21:10 Zhejiang TV "China new song". (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: