"One top ten thousand" Wuhan campus for Liu Zhenyun’s depiction of life – Entertainment Sohu "one top ten thousand" held in Wuhan Institute of Technology "had a surprised very" campus Sohu entertainment news yesterday, "one top ten thousand" held in Wuhan Institute of Technology "had a surprised very" campus line activities for the film, November 4th officially released worldwide in warm field. On the day, the original writer Liu Zhenyun, director Liu Yulin, starring Li Qian, you went to the site, and the site of teachers and media guests to share stories and creative experience of the film shooting. After viewing the end, the story to the straight lines of gold sentence, mystery undercurrents of the relationship between the characters, the audience touted by many students. With the story depict life with her every day is over, not before. The movie "one top ten thousand" focus on ordinary people inside daily life will be roaring waves, ordinary people’s attitudes portrayed as being just thrilling. The story of the master bull patriotic (maohai ornaments) is a "cuckold" button in the same place, his life only by his wife Pang Lina (Li Qian ornaments) from the haze, can not see the sun, they go down in a "knife" to "kill" hatred. The two couples divorce this tug of war is behind the "inner gap said not" piled up "". The same day, the film close to the ordinary life and heart theme, also caused the audience students great sympathy, "said, say not, everyone will face daily," a top ten thousand words "is a movie with the audience". Made of "stupid" Kung Fu "the heart of the war" moved "one top ten thousand" adapted from Liu Zhenyun’s novel of the same name by Liu Zhenyun, and personally served as the screenwriter, and director Liu Yulin staged a "super daughter files". Although the father and daughter, but Liu Yulin said, not only father Liu in the work, in order to obtain the novel film rights, Liu Yulin played a 10 minute phone call to Liu Zhenyun, but the phone that she was ready for 10 months." There are many characters in the novel, the main line is more, how to put the ‘one hundred camels’ into a’ refrigerator ‘is a lot of directors have not solved the problem. And I only selected the novel of the two roles of the patriotic and Niu Aixiang, a want to divorce a want to get married, constitute the main line of the film". Liu Zhenyun site also said that this is the place where Liu Yulin moved her most. In order to achieve from the text to the screen, create a legendary, heartfelt "heart", in addition to the dismantling of the war film for the characters in the novel, Liu Yulin also spent a lot of stupid effort". Although the film only two months is successfully completed, but the entire filmmaking has lasted 2 years, following preliminary work meticulous, fully prepared to make the film advance quite smooth; Liu Yulin scene said, "I believe more than exams, accumulate steadily". Not only the director knows how to "stupid Kung Fu", all members of the crew are so. The event, you said "all the actors, actors are two months in advance to the shooting experience of life, rather than acting as it is, they have already walked into these roles.相关的主题文章: