Sports-and-Recreation Pakistani cricketers has made all his fans and all Pakistani proud yet the expectation of Pakistani cricket fans is such that endearing cricket matches isnt sufficient for us; we want our players to be impulsive, ostentatious and unconventional. That is why a hit-and-miss batsman like Shahid Afridi, regularly .petent of attainment dizzying heights of vividness and flashes of pure inanity, is a folk hero while the stably reliable Misbahul Haq has never acquired much warmth or admiration. Now its high time to change the view point. Misbah being the skipper of Pakistan cricket squad, Pakistan cricket has be.e what it never was before: a team that is constantly triumphant. The time has revived back from the era of Imran khan, now young player have started following the footsteps of legends. If endearing series in all three arrangement of the game adjacent to Sri Lanka was not sufficient to persuade the cynic then not anything will. Pakistan cricket team and Sri Lanka cricket squad improving from the loss of their finest bowlers. What our absolute supremacy demonstrated is that we still have the finest bowling assets in the world. Pakistani cricket team has done really remarkable job. The disclosure, though, was the batting line-up. Earlier Pakistan cricket team has had entity batsmen that position among the best in the world but have also been prone to in.prehensible subside. The present batting team is devoid of stars but serious on dependability. As much as we love to grumble about Misbahs slow strike rate, his reliability is the bond that .bines the batting. Given that both he and Younis Khan are in the twilight of their careers, it was also very heartening to see the development shown by Azhar Ali and the late embryonic of Mohammed Hafeezs ability. Acclaiming our ample triumph adjacent to the Sri Lankans to modify at the top of the Pakistan Cricket Board may be untimely but going promote it will be a greeting interval to have a chairman who doesnt seem to go out of his way to provoke star players. The return of Shahid Afridi, after his pointless argument with Ijaz Butt, also points to a new future, one where squabbling and .petition can be evicting and elapsed. Given our record this dawn may be a bogus one and the cricket team could soon relapse to type. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: