Interview with Abu: update let LPL chance IM chance > > > > > > click to enter the LOL five anniversary eSports project < < < < < Author: play more crazy since the Jialing River to see EDG players championship ring joy hugged, had gone for more than a year. The arms on the transfer of two freshmen, they soon went to the S6 stadium, jointly combat multinational despots. And after the end of the LPL finals, we also found the EDG coach Abu, let him take us to analyze, and now the EDG Dynasty, is how to form. Q: can you comment on the performance of the two teams yesterday? Abu: from our (EDG) performance point of view, it is better to complete the previous tactical deployment, the player is also relatively stable state of play. Judging from the performance of RNG, RNG may be a little bit more impatient, I feel they do not fully play their strength, it is a pity. Q: what do you think is the best player in the EDG game on Friday? Abu: in fact, Friday’s game, from BP to execution, as well as feedback from the game. I think every player is playing very well. Feeling (Friday night) EDG does not have that particularly strong players, because almost everyone will have some mistakes. Q: now there are many people will care about the injury situation of Pawn players, can you tell us about the situation of Pawn now? Does he still have a chance to play in the S6 finals? Abu: in fact, the situation is very similar to Pawn and Korol, two people are in the stage of injury plagued, have to go through a process of recovery training. Specific to these two people have no chance to appear in the world arena. Or look at this time in the training stage, their performance, in my personal opinion, two people still have chance. Q: EDG in the summer season is very exciting, not only in the ratio of three to zero score crisp beat the opponent, it is all the way to victory gesture advanced to the finals. Before the EDG although has won three consecutive championships, but even at that stage, EDG did not show such a strong dominance, do you think EDG is now in where? Abu: I think this question is open it better, before three there are two consecutive champions are the whole class team, (win) but also played a special player the main reason for this is to play to the limit of the performance characteristics of players. Winning is mainly due to the personal characteristics of the players. When Pawn and Deft after joining EDG, the players personal strength reached the peak, in the domestic situation, the configuration can be described as to a very luxurious degree, so that won third champions. And this time before the championship and three different meanings are: EDG configuration in LPL is not outstanding, but ED.相关的主题文章:

A small brokerage in Hongkong during the first half turn from camp losses hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Sina Hong Kong News   October 7th news, Oriental Daily News reported, small and medium-sized brokerage business environment continued bad, the Commission according to the latest statistics, the first half of this year, C group performance brokerage industry profit into loss, recorded a net loss of 650 million yuan, compared with the second half of 2008 during the financial crisis, recorded a net loss of 606 million yuan even more, mainly because of the net loss of proprietary trading known as "Pan ride up to 2 billion 388 million yuan, up to eight years. Familiar with the operation of the securities industry sources that the first half of the Hong Kong stock trading, brokerage and many small and medium-sized securities firms "down", but buried a fried market, "Pan ride dealbookby huge losses, worth regulators attention. A broker said, there are new entrants to the convenience store part-time earn brokerage meal, more brokers to switch to retail or construction industry. Net commission income of more than 25% in the first half of the C group reduced brokerage securities trading commissions from net income of only 2 billion 461 million yuan, compared with the second half of last year fell 25.6%, proprietary trading even recorded a net loss of 2 billion 388 million yuan, resulting in C group brokerage recorded 650 million yuan net loss for half a year, the second half of last year net profit of 784 million yuan. The Legislative Council of the Hongkong financial services sector Mr Zhang Huafeng said that the small and medium sized brokerage proprietary trading book mainly due to huge losses and market deliversquiescently, or more or less, the penny stocks plus fried outrageous, "can be a day down 90%, brokerage proprietary trading inevitably damaged hand. There are senior securities firm boss said that many of the securities and futures market is difficult to maintain, less and less light city, relying on the Commission simply can not make money, the result is the brokerage and the company together, sitting stocks". Sincere securities CEO Shen Zhenying said, in recent years the small brokerage business environment is getting worse, continued to see the longest time difference is. New entrants to the securities brokerage for that part of new entrants brokerage part-time support their livelihood. Vice president of Greater China Investment Strategy Research Institute (Hong Kong) Li Weijie said, there are some serving front-line brokerage switch. Ever heard of the individual to front-line brokerage retail or construction industry. The retail market is not the desire, some brokers will earn commission trader. Hongkong Stock Exchange (00388) in the year of the spot market transactions research survey, brokerage, sitting plate transactions accounted for the proportion of the total turnover of the market has increased to a record high of 22% of the new high of the new year, the market value of the total number of transactions in the market has been increased to a record high of 20142015. According to the estimated turnover, brokerage transactions in their own 20142015 year on year growth of 124%. Over the past ten years, the broker itself相关的主题文章:

Why Chinese cars to regain self-esteem in criticism? Auto – Sohu [review] Li Shufu: China automobile industry after nearly 60 years of development, but also belongs to the infant industry…… like a dwarfism patient, it is difficult to grow into a tall handsome young man. China automotive products and brand image by scaling disease… "… China automobile industry after nearly 60 years of development, but also belongs to the infant industry…… like a dwarfism patient, it is difficult to grow on a tall handsome young man. China automotive products and brand image by scaling disease in the criticism… We hope… My self esteem, working out of a respected automobile industry development path…… "– Geely chairman Li Shufu. The evening of September 20th, Chinese Zhejiang Hangzhou just held a summit of the G20 venues open for the first time, the conference held here listed Geely imperial GL. Just like the G20 success, the successful launch of Tiangong two marks China rise as the rise of Geely Automobile industry also represents the rise of Chinese. Just a few years ago, Chinese also criticized, the product is not reliable, low brand image, make people angry. What time can Chinese on own car, or reliable car? Copycat imitation, reverse development, or even directly through a joint venture company copied foreign brand engine, triggered by the domestic public condemnation, the independent brand share ", the author also makes a dozen times a sweat. There is no future for the Chinese car to put myself in doubt. However, the passage of time, more and more good products, by the Chinese car brand has been introduced, and has been recognized by consumers. In addition to Geely, we see Chery, Changan, the Great Wall, BYD and a number of local car prices on the auto industry and manufacturing Chinese China banner. "Although we have experienced many failures, but we have not lost enthusiasm." Positive development, independent design, with foreign brands to use the same or higher level of suppliers, in the field of new energy leader, they made products in recent years more and more people’s recognition. On the other hand, China’s own brand of accurate grasp of the market, so that it took the lead in the excavation of the SUV segment of this huge gold mine. Data show that in August China independent brand passenger cars were sold 730 thousand, an increase of 30%, accounting for 40.7% of total passenger car sales; 1~8 months, China brand sold 6 million 100 thousand passenger cars, an increase of 16%, accounting for 42.2% of total passenger car sales, to become the main engine of the growth of the market. In the past, accounting for 70% of the passenger car market share of foreign brands, has been the monopoly power and driving force of China’s automobile market. That night, the imperial GL will become a butterfly after Geely, strongest challenger challenge the top 10 car market monopoly Chinese joint venture model "". Whether it is visible or calm appearance, the A-class car senior field, space, texture and safety to have the imperial GL are eligible to stand in the joint arena. In recent years, due to the objective factors of the development of China’s auto market, china.相关的主题文章:

NDRC: China and Japan should reduce social security rates over five social insurance and one housing fund original title: "to reduce the burden of five social insurance and one housing fund" reducing labor costs 29, the national development and Reform Commission website published a research report from the Commission of Social Development Research Institute, said China’s current enterprise employees five social security total rate to total wages of employees 39.25% in thirteenth, included in the statistics of 173 countries and regions. According to the report, "five social insurance and one housing fund" long-term rates high makes China’s manufacturing industry is facing a huge challenge. Adjust the five social insurance and one housing fund payment level, it is an important measure to reduce the burden of production and operation of enterprises. The present situation in our country to hire 1 workers can be hired in Indonesia 3.5 currently around 10% to 24% of the housing fund, China’s "five social insurance and one housing fund" nominal rate has reached about 60%. This research report, China’s "five social insurance and one housing fund" long-term rates remain high, plus the remains to be perfect and to determine the contribution base growth mechanism, as to the enterprise labor costs continued to rise and the impact of production and an important factor in stable operation, so that China’s manufacturing industry competitive advantage discount. Analysis of the report, the cost of employing 1 workers in China, in Thailand can employ up to 1.5, in Philippines can employ up to 2.5 in Indonesia can hire up to 3.5. This makes China’s labor cost advantage has been replaced by Southeast Asian countries. To reduce the burden of enterprise payment level can be transformed into income report analysis, reasonable adjustment of five social insurance and one housing fund payment level, the establishment of a more fair and reasonable rate decision mechanism, is to reduce the burden of production and operation of enterprises, control labor costs rose too fast, an important measure to promote the optimal allocation of labor resources, which is conducive to steady growth, promoting employment structural adjustment. At the same time, without affecting the level of treatment of the insured, reduce enterprise and worker current payment level, to stimulate enterprise vitality, promote the enterprise income distribution and compensation reform, and provides an opportunity to improve their current wage income. According to China’s social insurance fund collection income preliminary estimates, cut social security contribution rate policy the annual burden for enterprises of more than 100 billion yuan, the proportion of housing provident fund deposit down enterprises annually 40 billion yuan burden for enterprises, the comprehensive measures of lightening effect in 150 billion yuan, greatly reducing the labor costs of enterprises, for the enterprise burden and "deregulation" played a positive role, and is conducive to boosting enterprise restructuring and upgrading and innovation development. The report said that in 50%, the enterprise burden ratio were transformed into investment income of workers and enterprises, according to the projections of past investment and consumption and GDP elastic relationship, and deduct the offset effect of the policy, can pull the 2016 GDP growth of about 0.137 percentage points. View of social insurance premiums and financial rate is high or not too much Chinese grants related to insurance institute executive director, former dean of the Central University of Finance and Economics College of insurance professor Hao Yansu said in an interview with reporters JINGWAH times, China’s social security total higher rates, with our current financial burden is too large, not too much on social security subsidies. 1 how to increase social security contributions? Restrictive factors are unlikely to play Su Hao Hao believes that the current number of countries in the world welfare social security system, is based on a large number of financial investment.相关的主题文章:

Nanjing intends to implement integral settled: the Seller shall exceed 80 level of social security payment over 2 years, the original title: Nanjing intends to implement integral settled: the Seller shall pay the full social security level of over 80 in September 22nd 2, learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of Nanjing government, the Nanjing Municipal People’s government affairs office and the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice on the "measures" in Nanjing city the management of household registration access and the "Nanjing integral settled implementation measures" to solicit public opinion, foreigners come to Nanjing settled policy there will be major changes, the simple purchase of more than 60 square meters, a full year of social security policy will be canceled in. The new draft regulations, in line with the relevant provisions of these measures of non Nanjing household registration, you can apply for the account moved to Nanjing. Does not comply with the relevant conditions of the present approach, the system can be integrated, the application will be moved to Nanjing account. The application of integral settled, shall also meet the following conditions: (a) the city holds a valid "residence in Jiangsu province"; (two) there is a legitimate and stable residence in the city; (three) in the city of legitimate and stable employment and pay social insurance for over 2 years; (four) a total of 100 points; (five) no serious criminal record. In the specific rules of integration, the applicant has a legitimate and stable residence, an area of 1 square meters of 1 points, up to no more than 100 points. Rental housing does not score. The government provided a total of property rights housing, according to the proportion of my property rights. Multi suite area not cumulative score. Nanjing city to pay social insurance (excluding tax), every 1 years plus 10 points. The cumulative pay period, every 1 years plus 5 points. In other words, people come to the house to settle down, then pay 20 years to pay the social security had to be outside the points, but also a difference of 80 points, buy a house if you have to choose more than 80 square meters of the house. According to the Yangtze Evening News, according to the publicity of the new regulations, the applicant should be settled in the qualifications of the applicant, spouse or minor children to obtain real estate ownership of the housing. No conditions settled in the preceding paragraph may be recorded in the applicant (hire) with the unit collective households, or provincial, city and District Talent Service Center collective settled. Without the first two settled conditions, you can get registered in the community collective residence. Access to qualified applicants have the right to housing, to grant their spouses, minor children to follow the migration should be submitted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security account migration. This settled in the new deal is still beginning to seek advice, the specific implementation time undetermined. The draft clearly, before the implementation of the measures in line with the conditions of the purchase home, can be implemented within 3 months after the implementation of this approach, apply for an account to move into. Attached: Measures for the administration of Nanjing Hukou admittance (Draft) Article 1 for the scientific regulation of population size, optimize the population structure, and promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development of the city, according to the "People’s Republic of China Household Registration Ordinance" and the national, provincial and municipal household registration system reform spirit, combined with the actual city, the enactment of this approach. Second in line with the relevant conditions of the non Nanjing household registration, you can apply for the account moved to the city. Does not comply with the relevant conditions of these measures, the system can be integrated, the application will be registered in the city. Laws, regulations and rules相关的主题文章: