Penguin mother Tucao: Japanese pupils too open! Young actually play SM? Hello everyone! I am familiar with the penguin mother! Want to know about the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Want to listen to the views of these hot spots and Tucao mother? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! Neon is a very magical country, some people look good manners, but there are a variety of strange private behavior. Recently, a 46 year old former city councillor Kashima and IPod in the network because of the use of money about guns, playing SM and the 11 year old Lolita, and contact the 13 year old junior female students’ body, was sentenced to four years imprisonment. But even more surprising in this matter lies in the behavior and attitude of these two young girls…… Are the Japanese students have been so open now? The gentleman in October last year to November and two girls under 18 years of age sex, rape and prostitution of children in violation of the prohibition law was arrested on charges of national attention. In April last year, when a member of the list, with his wife and two daughters, can be described as a happy life. He met a 11 year old Lolita on twitter, concurrent messages and ask: "your SM or adult toy interested?" Lolita said, two people began to communicate. When Lolita said they want iPod, gentleman, seize the opportunity, said he just happened to have a different iPod, intended for Lolita. Two people meet in a parking lot of the car, with a rope and handcuffs gentleman controlled by Lolita, adult toys for indecency, and use the mobile phone to take 27 photographs and 1 video on the computer. Because the iPod is not new to the gentleman, very dissatisfied with the Lolita. The gentleman said that if you want a new iPod, you can do it. Later, the man rose to Liyue Lolita Hotel, with a 13 year old junior high school girls go. The gentleman and the Lolita in addition to playing SM, sex also occurred, and touch the lower body of junior middle school girls. After the real after the gentleman gave Lolita new iPod, and gave two people a total of 3000 yen (about 193.91 yuan) in cash. Lolita parents found the daughter and a gentleman open house, the police immediately. Lolita gentleman told the family has an alarm, gentleman quickly delete account and computer photos, video, and change about junior high school girls to open the room, to pay 5000 yuan each (about 323.31 yuan) in cash. The gentleman was arrested in April this year, he defended the Lolita dressed like an adult, if you know each other is only 11 years old, he is not. For the junior high school students to open the room, he said that the other adult. The gentleman said he intended to spread positive action on the City Council to social identity, the future will no longer live up to expectations of a supporter. For the gentleman was sentenced, the Japanese netizens have expressed their views: primary school grade six with a junior high school on the first hotel is a miracle." "The uncle is playing the game." "Hard raised daughter actually because iPod is a prostitute, her father will die of anger." In fact, the situation is more concerned about the mother penguin, the 11 year old little Lolita has also called a 13 year old sister to go with her]相关的主题文章: