Pig farm boss 7 million 680 thousand yuan fraud – Beijing Chinese Banfang Jiangxi Pingxiang news network reporter Chen Jianxin reported: Deng Yuqi, who lives in Pingxiang City, Hunan East Farm boss Chen defraud property 7 million 682 thousand and 720 yuan, causing damage to dozens of people and property. October 8th, the reporter was informed that, in August 12, 2016, Chen was sentenced to 12 years in prison for fraud, and confiscation of personal property for $600 thousand, $6. It is understood that Chen is a native of the eastern Hunan Province, a pig farm boss, when the project started good results. By 2009, Chen also submitted to the agricultural sector project, approved a $about 500000 project funds. However, after 2010, the operating income of the pig farms operated by Chen straight down, to 2013, Chen has lost about 1000000 yuan. The pig reluctant to fail his own painstaking, cornered Chen began to rob Peter to pay Paul farms, liquidity needs to borrow money and usury in the name of private companies. Finally, take the fake purchase land certificate and other illegal mountain paddy field and the way to defraud money. So, this is the local business income model of "pig raiser" has gone astray, on the road to delinquency. According to the survey, Chen after a total purchase agreement to buy fake fake mountain paddy field, collective land card 13, state-owned land card 2, with this method, after a total fraud of more than 30 people. In October 2014, with no ability to repay the debt finally chose to take his wife and children fled chen. In March 2015, Chen was arrested fugitive local judicial authorities in Guangdong. December 2015, Pingxiang prosecutors to prosecute fraud in accordance with the law Chen, Chen eventually punished by the law.相关的主题文章: