Professor Lu Binglun: what kind of breast augmentation is more suitable for you? Sohu health as a few decades of clinical work in plastic surgery, breast augmentation surgery has been very skilled, alone on the surgery itself is not a big risk. But as a surgical operation, there are some common risks, such as bleeding, infection and prosthesis rejection. Breast augmentation surgery is divided into autologous breast augmentation and prosthesis breast augmentation, the two methods have their advantages and disadvantages, here I would like to outline, so that you learn more. First of all, implants: advantages of implants is a lot of prosthesis material types, choice is relatively large, postoperative prosthesis can well support breast function, can make the breast look strong, good appearance. But prosthetic breast augmentation surgery is more complex, long operation time, postoperative pain, need hospitalization, recovery time also need several days, and during the recovery period in strict accordance with the requirements of the position to sleep, otherwise it may prosthesis. Secondly, autologous breast augmentation: autologous breast augmentation is relatively easy, there is no surgical incision, leaving no scars after surgery, surgical pain is small, relatively stable, not easy to be detected. However, autologous fat breast augmentation of high technical requirements, but also a lot of fat cells implanted in the body will be absorbed by themselves, there is a situation that is likely to harden the fat. In addition, the amount of fat per implant is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a doctor with many years of experience can be more safe and effective. In fact, the choice of breast augmentation method is basically based on your own physical decision. For example, your body is thin, buttocks, legs, abdomen, no fat can be used for breast augmentation, and you have a high demand for breast augmentation, so you can only choose prosthesis breast augmentation. Therefore, do not tangle what kind of breast augmentation is more favored by you, to the consulting room and the doctor for an interview, carefully communicate your plastic needs is the most important. Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Dean of Xi’an Lu Binglun Oscar orthopaedic centre. WeChat: lu99772 graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University, he served as director of plastic surgery Craniofacial Center of Xijing Hospital. Is China’s famous plastic surgery experts, mainly to complete the first case of China allotranspantation, and won the first prize of army medical achievements. Malar and mandibular angle surgery to change the face of quantity and quality in the country, and the practice of mandibular angle osteotomy long curve is proposed for the first time, perfect change long face, wide chin, and was widely used; improved comprehensive rhinoplasty method, correction of nasal deformity after cleft lip and so on. The China rehabilitation medicine surgery Specialized Committee member and vice chairman of Asia craniofacial professional; Chinese Medical Association of plastic surgery, craniofacial professional vice chairman, vice chairman of the professional digital plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate Professional Committee; China western medicine beauty professional National Committee and expert group of experts standing fat transplantation; Chinese orthopedic physicians cosmetic surgery branch of craniofacial professional committee, minimally invasive and anti-aging Professional Committee; director of China Association of plastic surgery medical cosmetology branch director, anti-aging rhinoplasty branch; Xi’an orthopedics hairdressing Institute of the Standing Committee, member of the Taiwan Association of micro surgery. American smile action organization.相关的主题文章: