.puters-and-Technology It has been noticed that there has been a significant reduction in illegal activities in places which are visibly under surveillance. Criminal activities like attacks, fights, kidnappings, vandalism etc. are shunned because people remain aware of the fact that they are being watched and the footage is being recorded. However, it is not necessary that you make recordings just to nab anti-socials or prevent criminal activities. There are many happy occasions or simply professional reasons for doing so. You might want to record all that was said at a felicitation ceremony regardless of whether you or a loved one is being felicitated. Professional Applications of Recordings When you are attending a critical professional meeting, it is not always practical to take running notes by hand. Especially when you need to write the minutes of a meeting, it is far more practical to use a handheld digital audio recorder to ensure every issue which was discussed is recorded. Taking notes of the evidence given at court, lectures of guest professors, speeches given by influential speakers, interviews of celebrities are all best recorded on a digital recorder. Keep an Eye on Probable Wrong-doers However, if you suspect a close associate, employee or family member straying from the straight and narrow path you can utilize professional spy gear to track their movements and even their conversations. Spy cell phone software is inexpensive and available on hundreds of Internet sites; easy to install and can be downloaded directly from the Internet to any phone in seconds. The .bination of software installed on any phone and the IMEI number makes your target a sitting duck for any kind of surveillance activity. You can now monitor his/her activities from a home .puter or a smart phone. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a number unique to each mobile device. However, it is vital to also watch activities which can be best done by using some kind of covert camera. Covert cameras can be disguised as a pen, a watch, a stick hidden camera, a cigarette lighter, sunglasses hidden camera or even a car key hidden camera with built-in DVR and microphone. You would do well to opt for spy cams that look and function like ordinary household and office items like tissue holders, wall clocks, DVD players, MP3 players, iPod docks, USBs, watches, smoke detectors and even ID cards. These items, when placed strategically in a home or office, can capture activities and monitor people without arousing any suspicion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: