Relatives and friends in the eyes of the Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng: 10000 Ben jiuxiao campus Kunpeng also kept a few old house in the classrooms, auditorium, dormitory witnessed Zhu Congpeng’s junior high school age. The photo storage pass the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the successful launch of Tiangong two, from Tongling Zongyang Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng instantly attracted everyone’s attention, the 16 reporters came to the Zongyang County Zhu Congpeng sister home, Zhu Congpeng’s mother and sister tells the story of Zhu Congpeng’s growth path, Zhu Cong Peng childhood friends and classmates they also told the memory of Zhu Congpeng, let us more clearly understand the out from Tongling Zongyang to the space. Born in 1963, Zhu Congpeng brothers and sisters four, two sisters, Zhu Congchun, brother of the younger brother of Chu, Chu, the rise of the original, and the younger brother, brother, brother, sister, brother, brother. 1975 -1978 Zhu Congpeng in Zongyang high school to read junior high school, the results are very good, the results of the test in the forefront of Zongyang County, in 1978 entered the Bengbu maritime technical school secondary school. 1980 to enter the Anqing shipyard. 1982 -1985 in Anqing electric power college full-time daquan. After working in the work of the above. In 1990 he was admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology. After graduation to enter the China Institute of space technology. The launch of Tiangong two, Zhu Congpeng’s family are at home watching television, and has been the focus of news reports. Zhu Congsheng said, see the introduction of Tiangong two aspects on TV, really proud for my brother. Zhu Congpeng has little time to return to Zongyang after work, but he has been very close to his family. Zhu Congsheng introduced his brother, the last time he went home last year, the national day, and the Spring Festival has been home for many years did not go home reunion of the year. But he often chats with his family and his family in WeChat, but also very concerned about the mother’s body. Yesterday, our family is still through the family WeChat group chat, he said that in order to wish the success of the launch, they eat buns for dinner, this is their tradition." Zhu Congpeng sister Zhu Congrong showed reporters yesterday they chat. The same day at noon, sister Zhu Congpeng and his phone, the phone just flew back to Beijing from Jiuquan, there are a lot of work to deal with the next Zhu Congpeng.相关的主题文章: