College-University Are you considering attending any of the revision courses near Cambridge or indeed a Cambridge revision course? At exam confidence we are looking at the possibility of expanding and running a Cambridge revision course in the near future. Whilst we are keen to do so we remember the importance of growing in a sustainable fashion and ensuring that we maintain the quality of our teachers. Have a look at the profile of some of our IB & A level teachers and we believe that this will motivate you to attend our revision courses near Cambridge after all they are only a short train journey away! David is a graduate of English and History from University College, Dublin. He has 40 years teaching experience. Not only that, hes a member of the AQA Excellence CPD Team, an Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Higher Diploma in English A1, Paper 2 and an Assessor of English for A1 World Literature Assignments. Therefore, he really understands what it takes for students to be successful and he knows the importance of focusing on your exam technique! Through his analytical and .munication skills, David will be able to help you identify and understand the critical skills needed to achieve the success you deserve. So make the effort and attend the revision courses near oxford or indeed the revision courses near Cambridge and itll be worth it. After all 85% of students improved their exam results! So why dont you join them. a level revision in oxford We are very proud at exam confidence of the quality of the revision courses that we offer and especially the A level revision courses. Whilst we dont yet offer a level revision in oxford we have fantastic revision courses in London and also at Seaford College. The quality of our teachers is what makes us so proud as well as the opportunity that you will have to work alongside the senior examiners who really do understand and are able to drill down to the very specifics that you require in order to achieve the results that you deserve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: