Russian police were attacked by the mob shot by Putin posthumously. The title of hero international online Zhuangao: according to the "Russian newspaper" reported on September 21st, Russia’s Dagestan police in July this year by several thugs captured, shot in the mob refused to unreasonable demands after. 21, Putin posthumously awarded him the "Russian hero" title, in recognition of his as a policeman showed bravery. Mohamed · Nur Bagan Dov is a police officer, the Russian Republic of Dagestan in July 10th this year, he and his relatives together in the woods is a picnic, several thugs captured. After the police found the identity of the mob, asked Nur Bagan Dov to persuade the police to resign in front of the camera, do not work in law enforcement. But Nur Bagan Dov would rather die than surrender, he said to the camera: "keep dry, brothers!" He said to the mob, there’s nothing else to say. Then a thug shot him. Nur Bagan Dov did not give in to the mob, and said, "go on, brothers."!" After being shot by the mob. Previously, Nur Bagan Dov was threatened fragments have been uploaded to the extremist extremist website. Earlier this month, the Russian police arrested after several thugs, made a complete video in which a mobile phone in the mob. 21, the Russian presidential website published the news that Putin Nur Bagan Dov signed a posthumous "Russian hero" title command. Putin and I met with the parents of Nur Bagan Dov. Putin said to Nur Bagan Dov’s parents, "forgive me for inviting you here at this time of sorrow, but I would like to take your hand and say thank you to all of you. Your son is a real hero." Putin said: "not everyone can be threatened by death, still loyal to the oath and responsibility. Only a weak person will shoot barehanded man like Nur Bagan Dov to death is not afraid of people, is the real hero." Nur Bagan Dov’s last words touched many Russians, all carried out activities to commemorate Nur Bagan Dov. Law enforcement personnel in their own way to understand Nur Bagan Dov’s words. A law enforcement officer of the "Russian newspaper" said that Nur Bagan Dov’s killer has been eliminated, but there are still people in Dagestan in an attempt to undermine the peaceful life of the people, all these scum, sooner or later will be found and destroyed, for them, without pity. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original text, only to expand the reading of the United States to reproduce the police shot the black civilians in the event of the man holding his hands over his head was still shot相关的主题文章: