Sage, reference: Nimes SMG Wenzhongqiusheng to see Saint boolean lattice SMG 006 boolean lattice VS Orlean let negative B fourteenth round league last season ranked 11 in the middle reaches of the strength of the team against the home court law boolean lattice C second promotion promotion Orlean. The home team this season before the 13 round 3 wins 5 flat 5 negative into 13 ball lost 17 ball poor overall performance temporarily ranked 16, the last round of home court victory, the recent state has improved than before. The current start to 2 wins 4 flat 7 negative, nearly 6 consecutive win, the team’s overall strength is relatively weak in the relegation zone around. The two teams in the state, has the gap under the condition of the disc 0.92 0.90 Macao chupan Pingban, lack of confidence in the home, the note after the current Macao 0.92 0.90 half remained unchanged, most companies raised slightly uniform plate water level and Macao, the first for the 2.05 3.25 3.60 day Libo 2.30, namely 3 3.40 Pingfu are found the tendency of this field in color selection make negative, and refers to the election passenger Pingban transferee.       009 VS for Nimes Shengping method B, last season ranked 14 in the middle and lower reaches of the strength of the team, the strength of the team is ranked seventh in the upstream. This season the currently 4 wins 6 flat 3 negative temporarily ranked ninth overall last season was improved, but the home court 6 war 4 flat 2 negative no win. The first 13 rounds of 4 wins 4 flat 5 negative behind in 13 place, the last round of home court win ended 6 consecutive matches embarrassing performance, team morale improved. The two teams meet in Nimes before the season 1 wins and 3 losses at a disadvantage. The two teams on the whole situation, the Asian plate chupan hemisphere 0.78 Macao 1.04, on the high line, note by the current 0.96 hemisphere 0.86 to continue to support the home team, the companies are also aligned with Macao, the first for the 2 3.30 3.60 day Libo, 3.30 4 im 1.91 companies, the main level continued volatility is not unified, should be a draw may, the Chinese color selected wins, flat, sub selected for flat half. SMG, reference has 4 wins, more exciting content about "sage lottery" micro-blog.相关的主题文章: