Walking on the need to be cautious about the "free" Insider (original title: travel abroad need to be cautious! The visa insider say more are tears) lead: original China visa free countries, but it does not mean that you can buy the air ticket of! Those who were fooled by the fact that the truth, said more tears, today, for you to expose those who seem to be signed but deep inside the country! Ukraine does not fly reason: is a limited time to sign, holders of ordinary passports of citizens in Kiev Boris Pohl International Airport, for a residence time of not more than 15 days of entry visa. Hard to reason: King beauty more beautiful here all beauty, down to the ordinary people, to the "Iron Lady" of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Even the female is a valiant and heroic in bearing, golden green scenery. Of course, Ukraine is not only beautiful, the scenery here just tease you with the visual nerve. The world famous love tunnel is here! You may have read in history books to the Yalta system, some impression of "Yalta" this name, but if you don’t come here to take a look at the beautiful scenery, I can’t feel the real beauty here. Bolivia is not reliable reason: China citizens can prove not resident in China, but resident in third countries can enjoy the local customs of Bolivia unilaterally landing visa policy, which for those students visiting people in foreign countries is applicable. Although the conditions are very pit father, but can not stop it beautiful ah…… Hard to reason: the mirror in the sky when it comes to Bolivia you may feel strange, but when it comes to mirror in the sky you know, mirror in the sky is from Bolivia Uyuni salt marsh, with its magnificent and beautiful scenery, surrounded by many magazine as the ultimate travel destination. Travel abroad need to be cautious! The visa insider say more are tears not reliable reason: San Marino San Marino the whole country surrounded by Italy, a total area of 61.2 square kilometers. Because there is no airport, Chinese tourists must enter the territory of Italy to San marino. Hard to reason: it is said that San Marino rate is much lower than in Italy, where the brand perfume price is very cost-effective, some even more than the duty-free shops a lot cheaper. At the top of Mount Titano, you can enjoy the magnificent Yamase Meijing below. Seen from the fortress, visitors can see the rugged terrain and different colorful landscape. Andorra visa is not reliable reason: the country is too small and there is no airport, need to pass through to reach the French or spanish. Therefore, want to go to these two countries, must apply for Schengen. Hard to reason: skiing and duty-free shopping paradise because domestic Andorra does not impose income tax, many commodity price is quite competitive, most commodity prices than other European countries 1 to 3. In the store can often see drive to shopping in France or Spain, Portugal and even Morocco, their faces are filled with the harvest after meet smile, the bags kept to the car, which is a major shopping.相关的主题文章: