A school in Shaanxi 28 junior high school students collective unexplained fever in Chinese daily news (reporter Guo Qiang) two days, Yaozhou District People’s Hospital of Tongchuan City, there were junior high school students from local schools Yongle, because of physical discomfort, fever symptoms in the ward, the cause is unknown. At present, after treatment, all the symptoms have been alleviated. Yaozhou district government departments have been involved in a number of schools involved in the incident investigation. Parents received a phone call the school said the child was unwell in the hospital yesterday morning, the China Daily reporter went to the Yaozhou District People’s Hospital, some parents look anxiously kept outside the ward. According to one of the parents say, Yongle school is a set of science, one of the boarding school meals, his children 15 years old this year, is a third grade student, daily food and lodging in the school, the two week back home. September 5th at noon, he suddenly received a telephone call from the head teacher, said the child was unwell, admitted to the hospital. There are parents to provide "hospital informed consent of patients and doctors," shows that: according to the patient’s medical history and disease, combined with the existing laboratory and auxiliary examination, initially diagnosed with acute enteritis. China Daily reporter in Yaozhou District People’s hospital hospital ward observed, the hospital in a number of wards are full of students. One of the students told the China Daily reporter, he suspected his fever is caused by eating bad stomach. A parent surnamed Wei said, after the child told him yesterday afternoon in the school canteen drank two bowls of Rice porridge after feeling unwell, during diarrhea, after being taken to hospital. Many government departments involved in the investigation of the cause to arrange treatment yesterday, Yaozhou district government responsible person informed of the whole story: in September 4th 19, District Board of UNESCO report, Yaozhou Yongle school students unexplained fever. After receiving the report, Yaozhou District, district leaders in charge of leading body bureau, Health Bureau, market supervision bureau, information office, CDC and other units responsible comrades immediately to the scene to dispose of. Since September 3rd, the students were hot statistics, a total of 28 people with fever symptoms. In September 5th, there are 23 students sent to hospital for treatment, in September 6th 5 students sent to hospital for treatment, as of September 6th at noon, a total of 28 students in the hospital for treatment, the student collective fever after the incident, the district government immediately arranged to investigate the truth, as soon as possible to identify the cause of fever, hospitalization of students. At present, all students fever symptoms, stable.相关的主题文章: