Shandong girl cheated death: university teacher tuition sent condolences of her family. Original title: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications admission notice: the teacher rushed to Linyi South Post has sent condolences to Xu Yuyu family according to the southern news network news, 24, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications has sent 3 teachers to understand the details of the Xu Yuyu home, and go to school with my sincere condolences. According to the introduction of Xu Yuyu admitted to the South Post, South Post Foreign Language College English majors, originally a small girl after a week on the future of the University report. It is a pity that such an accident happens now. They were the first time after the accident Xu Yuyu received her classmates to school micro-blog, WeChat sent the news. Xu Yuyu’s tuition is 5800 yuan per year, accommodation is about $1000. She cheated 9900 yuan, it is estimated that she kept the cost of living. School, the school issued a notice of admission to the freshmen, will be accompanied by a notice of admission, as well as a CITIC Bank card, but also to remind freshmen to prevent deception. "Because of the new report, more complicated procedures, so like many schools, we advance to each new tuition for a bank card, let the students within the specified time will be drawn into the tuition card directly from the bank." The teacher of the Propaganda Department of the South Post, on the morning of 24, the school principal has instructed the relevant departments as soon as possible, contact the family of Xu Yuyu, expressed concern and sympathy for their school. 24 PM, 3 teachers with South Post condolences to Kim has been sitting on the train to Linyi. For Xu Yuyu’s phone number is how to cheat in the hands of the South post is not clear, they will arrive in Linyi in the evening after the public security departments to understand the details.相关的主题文章: