Shanghai driving time training new mode can be nearly 30 days in advance to get the driver’s license! A few days ago, Shanghai media reported in January 1st next year, Shanghai will fully implement the new driving time training mode of news, according to the plan, the coach car timing equipment installation work will be completed at the end of October. Before, some users are not too optimistic about the timing of training, recently, the media reporter visited Shanghai some school, to understand the operating effect of the timing of training. The cost of more than 2000 yuan cheaper than traditional we know, in the driving school to learn to drive, if it is an ordinary class, are basically fixed time, each time the car driving school is not the same, but in general, basically to the driving school to learn to drive, a day to stay in school is certainly not run away, just like school. Some friends said that some driving charges more chaos. So how does the application of timing training at a driving school? Just got a driver’s license last week, Ms. Joe told reporters that this time training is not bad. According to Ms. Joe, he learned a C2 license, her first consideration is the traditional mode of teaching, but teaching costs make her stop. By driving Chunshen as an example, C2 automatically on a car costs 9985 yuan, while the same is "one to one", Rong driving timing after training, roughly calculate costs about 7700 yuan. Such a total, that is, time training can save more than 2000 yuan. Ms. Joe said time there is a reason training: "I usually go to work time is flexible, not fixed to car at the weekend. If it is not ‘one to one’ teaching, but also the time to join other students, inconvenient." Guaranteed hours, one person, one car, can choose their own time and coaches are one of the most important factor in the timing of training. It seems time training in Shanghai some of the driving school running effect is very good! Will the time for the driver’s license be extended? Time training is not like the traditional training has a fixed time, then some users will ask, take the driver’s license will not be extended? Reporters learned that, in accordance with the provisions of the timing of training mode, from the intersection of the rules after the examination began to calculate, 3 weeks (training time) test subjects of 2, the test subjects for the week of 3, the next day to test the safety of civilization, after 5 days to get a driver’s license, a total of 42 days. Under the traditional model, after the examination of the rules need to be tested after 5 weeks to test the subject of 2, after the test subjects in the past 4 weeks, the next day to test the safety of civilization, take the driver’s license on the 5 day, a total of 70 days. In other words, compared to the traditional model, participants in the timing of training can get a driver’s license nearly 30 days in advance. Relevant staff driving Rongda said in an interview with reporters, the current basic training time with the newspaper with the school, and the traditional mode needs a different degree of waiting. However, the timing is training students select the good reputation of the coach, coach may also have a full schedule, one does not make an appointment, and other general coaches almost do not need to wait, along with the school about." The following is the Shanghai pilot training institutions have timing: timing training forced traditional teaching in the interview process, there is a deep feeling, is the timing and training facilities to improve the teaching quality of coaches! The Anting driving school as an example, a car was installed every coach car)相关的主题文章: