She said wealthy marriage like a nightmare, now a family of four Qi charity "Lu Dingji" Jordan Chan "seven wife" of the most beautiful Acor is no longer pure Tencent according to Hong Kong media entertainment news "Oriental Daily" reported that the artist May Kwong and her husband should be de Rong with two children at home, home to attend the charity Bai Cheng activities, a four interview. May Kwong, chairman of the charity fundraising campaign, said: "I’ve known this organization for four years, participated in the activities of their visit to the mainland, but also had to go back to the mainland in Hongkong, the seven families to visit local children. When the kids are afraid of not used, but with their pledge, they are good words, feel a lot." For the charity opened Chrysostom talking about the past few years there are many charity lines problems as fundraising chairman May Kwong said: "not afraid, because in four years, the number of them… It is clear that I also know that before the mainland visit or at their own expense, transparency is high." Thanks to Cathy Chui for his support and said: "she did a lot of charity activities, this time very much to support us." To sing the theme song May Kwong said: "the children have a solo."相关的主题文章: