Sideways up probability   careful fill gap fell again – Anhui Channel – Thursday market and strong sideways for a day, two city board are out of the "six Yang", but Wednesday is a false candle, after the national market rose upward and six Yang, said that the stock market has been slowly waking up signs. Look at the new hot debt sector has been struggling to move up, make money effect, short-term market strong sideways, challenge the 3078 gap probability, but we think this time again on the short-term but be careful, to prevent a market to fill the 9.12 gap after suddenly 3078 retracement, because the top line (3089) and the 3100 mark will not immediately break pressure. Today the trend has mainly on regional pressure 3078-3086 festival in the first two days by kinetic energy for upside, two days after finishing sideways, the amount can not significantly shrink for 3 consecutive days, Monday, 30 days hold upward gap, this battle that now the market has been increasingly obvious signs of strength, capital is profit, it is wise the property market, capital overflow, is an ideal transfer direction to see the downturn in the stock market now, plus the top government determined to state enterprises reduced leverage, does not make the market up, create money effect, reducing leverage effect will not be good, from this perspective, the market now needs to cooperate with the government at least let you out of the wave I hope to see the money market rebound. Please note that we are using the word "rebound", yet cannot expect to have much market, once the state-owned enterprises drop lever task, like the recent real estate unpopular government high debt leverage, reduced inventory, double limit immediately play. We believe that before December 15 the Fed may raise interest rates, the rally may ended this week from the first four days of the trend, the market is still on Friday by kinetic energy, to complete the task to fill the 3078 gap, after coming in line 3089 points and 3100 points of the double pressure, here will not easily break. The market is likely to go down whipsaws finishing. Today, up to the target operation such as short-term should sell mainly based on the above analysis, even if the short-term reproduction of a strong market, continue to rise, not only can not be too excited, but more is to be careful, especially on the 3078-3086 area, here is our prompt before this wave rally for the second goal, arrived in the region, operational thinking is short-term sell mainly to the main course is cash short-term or too much variety, is still in the low set can be held. Debt stocks market outlook still play, but should pay attention to the rhythm wheeled, we still have to pay attention to mining the plate varieties of stagflation. This is the new hot fermentation diffusion, its purpose is to let the majority of investors to offer a "zombie" state-owned enterprises predicament reduced leverage, foresight can seize the initiative in the game, and earn a lot of money income, but if you are late, may be the last disk access man "".   (commissioning editor: Fan Xiaolin, Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章: