What would you do if your ride on mower began experiencing an issue? Just put it away and hope that it’s okay the next time you try to use it? Take it into a mechanic or dealer for repairs? Neither of these options is overly desirable crossing your fingers that the problem goes away never works and taking it to a mechanic for repairs can cost you a fortune which is why you should attempt to troubleshoot the issue yourself. The engine is smoking Whilst it can be quite alarming to suddenly notice that your mower is smoking (especially as most people’s thoughts will immediately jump to a fire), it is often due to the very simple issue of too much oil. Check your oil levels and, if there is too much, drain away some of the excess. Once the oil that was already in the engine has burnt off, the smoking should stop. The mower is vibrating excessively You should begin by checking for bent or damaged blades, pulleys and spindles. This problem is actually more common than you would think, as driving over large objects (like rocks and tree roots) can cause all sorts of damage to the internals of the mower. You should also check the engine for a damaged or twisted belt, as this can also cause vibration. The mower won’t cut in reverse This isn’t actually a problem that has been caused by damage; most ride on mowers are fitted with a safety feature that prevents them from cutting in reverse. Some won’t even shift into reverse unless the cutting deck has been lifted. Newer models may have reverse cutting capability, but this is as the discretion of the manufacturer. The mower won’t move freely in neutral Begin by making sure that the transmission relief valve is in the correct position (consult your manual if you are unsure of what this position looks like). You should also check to make sure that the brake is fully releasing, as this will prevent free movement. If your ride on mower is experiencing one of the above problems, you may be relieved to learn that they have fairly easy fixes. If your attempts at rectifying the issue, however, are unsuccessful, you will need to take your mower into a mechanic or dealer to undergo a service or a proper repair. Fortunately, your efforts in the above areas will be, more often than not, all you need to get your mower back up and running. 相关的主题文章: