[Sina] medical "World Diabetes Day" campaign held five Harbin (Tian Shaodong Wang Su) clinic in November 14th is the tenth "World Diabetes day". On the morning of 14, Harbin City Fifth Hospital Department of endocrinology in the outpatient service hall held the theme of "large-scale clinic common concern of diabetes". Clinic activities started at 8:30, the Department of Endocrinology director Li Dongrong led some doctors, set up a clinic publicity desk in the lobby, diabetes prevention publicity board, and prepare diabetes propaganda materials, knowledge forward to interrogation publicize the prevention of diabetes and diabetes complications of diabetes treatment and answer related questions, at the same time, the medical staff distributed "diabetes prevention knowledge Handbook" to the public, some members of the public free site for the measurement of blood glucose, blood pressure and blood lipid. 10 morning, Harbin Fifth Department of Endocrinology director Li Dongrong in the main conference hall "education seminars on endocrine and diabetes knowledge", nearly more than 50 patients and the public was invited to attend. In the course of the lecture, experts and the public to interact, and answer the relevant knowledge of diabetes patients, so that patients with diabetes prevention and treatment has a further understanding.相关的主题文章: