Semi annual Sinopec intends to send 10 0.79 yuan net profit of 19 billion 250 million yuan of Sinopec disclosure evening August 28th semi annual report shows that in 2016 1 to June the company achieved operating income of 879 billion 220 million yuan, down 15.6%; attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of 19 billion 250 million yuan, down 21.3%; basic earnings per share of 0.159 yuan. At the same time, the company in 2016 semi annual intends to shareholders for every 10 shares are now 0.79 yuan (including tax). Semi annual report shows that the first half of Sinopec to achieve oil and gas equivalent output 218 million 990 thousand barrels, of which domestic crude oil production of 128 million 380 thousand barrels of crude oil production overseas, barrels of natural gas production of 388 billion 690 million cubic feet (). In the aspect of production, strengthen cost control, significantly Yajian crude oil output and high cost ineffective measures to increase natural gas. Oil refining, crude oil processing capacity of 1.16 tons in the first half of the company, refined oil production of 73 million 260 thousand tons, of which gasoline production grew by 3.74%, kerosene production grew by 3.36%. Marketing and distribution, the company in the first half of the total sales of 97 million 170 thousand tons of refined oil, an increase of 4.5%, of which the total amount of refined oil sales in by the year, an increase of 3.1%. Through the "Internet plus" and other marketing tools, to promote the sustained and rapid development of non oil business. The non oil trade amounted to 18 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 43%. The chemical industry, the company produced the first half of 5 million 478 thousand tons of ethylene, an increase of 0.38%; increase the high added value of new product development, production and promotion efforts, synthetic resin special material ratio reached 58%, synthetic fiber differentiation rate reached 83.2%; adhere to the low inventory operation, the implementation of differentiated marketing strategy, total 32 million 820 thousand tons of chemical products business, an growth of 8.3%. Looking in the second half, Sinopec said that China’s economy will maintain steady growth, will drive the domestic demand for refined oil and petrochemical products to maintain growth. The company expects further changes in the structure of the domestic demand for refined oil products, chemical products, the demand for high-end gradually, the international oil market oversupply situation is still expected, international oil prices will remain low shock. In this regard, the company will Rio Tinto market, grasping optimization, cost reduction, structural adjustment, risk control. As of June 30, 2016, the total number of shareholders of Sinopec was 683 thousand and 500, of which A shares in the territory of the, H shares outside the 6273. In addition, after the sixth session of the eighth meeting of the board of directors approved the dividend distribution plan, as of June 30, 2016 the company semi annual: according to September 20, 2016 (date of registration) total number of shares calculated the dividend per share of 0.079 yuan (including tax), cash dividends.相关的主题文章: