Business Most people don’t find any challenges with working at home, in fact, they love it! But there are a few people that end up finding complications or problems from working at home but most of these problems can be easily fixed. Hurdle one; the home office. What should it look like? What items should you have? Does it have to be a huge office? These are some of the questions you might have when beginning to work at home and they are all valid! First off, your office should have all the necessary items any other office would; computer, phone line, filing cabinet, desk, chair, etc. And no it doesn’t have to be a huge office. I have a master bedroom and just have my desk and everything in my bedroom. However, if people come over or I have appointments, I bring my lovely portable laptop downstairs and set up a faux office (in the dining room). For the most part your office doesn’t need to be big; just practical. And if no one is coming IN your office, then it can look whatever way you want it to look! For example, in my room I have my dream board, calendar (van gogh) and a few of my favorite paintings. You can have whatever you want! You need to be organized, this is a definite. Most of us think just because we own computers it means we don’t need to leave a paper trail or that we don’t need a filing cabinet. Not true! I write stuff down all the time; ideas, articles, contacts, etc. In fact, the desk I bought actually has a filing cabinet built in for this exact reason. Then, if you have any other things like tax forms, receipts, invoices, you can just sit them right in there and now you will know where the darn things are! By the way I should also mention that you need a comfy chair! Not one you can fall asleep in or anything, but something ergonomic that will keep your back in shape! Another challenge for people is becoming sedentary, however, if you are working at home then you have NO excuses anymore! One main challenge I have found with working at home is separating business from personal. Don’t make it a bad habit of your own. And make sure you use a separate email address for business and a separate one for personal. I for one, don’t get any time alone. I don’t even get to sleep or eat because of the business I have. I’m hoping this will change soon and I can finally do what I really want to do; sit on the beach sipping a nice cold beer and not a computer in sight! Don’t get me wrong working at home is awesome but you need to make sure you set certain boundaries for yourself and for the people your working with (which is not something I did). Make sure they know you go to bed at 1000 or that you sleep in on Fridays or that your kids are home Wednesdays or that you won’t work this day this day or this day, etc. YOU set the boundaries! And you keep at them! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: