Song Ning "love each other" green Princess hold Zhang Aijia intimate family entertainment "love each other" – Sohu and Sohu creative photo entertainment news recently, directed by Zhang Aijia and starring in the film "love each other" fixing in Zhengzhou, the film after nearly two months of shooting, starring Zhang Aijia, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Lang Yueting, Song Ning "a four" more "national" grandma Wu Yanshu, actress Geng Le and singer Tan Weiwei portrait of joining, after fixing, the cast have a short speech. ADA actor Song Ning, with the line "to the next stop," a simple and direct expression of their own film and the future of the Ji ji. Zhang Aijia Lipaizhongyi selected this year’s festival teacher song Ning fixing dinner hug mentor, Song Ning at micro-blog said Zhang Aijia is his real teacher". It is reported that the director Zhang Aijia in the film casting Lipaizhongyi insisted starring Song Ning, have now ada. Song Ning said, was because of pressure and insomnia, but also in the field of several degrees sob. The movie feast, Song Ning first rushed to pick Zhang Aijia up round, with action expressed thanks to the director for his support and encouragement. Net friend said, for such a story and the role of love, look forward to!" Singer Song Ning opener role flower arm tattoo. Love the rock Song Ning in the play in the first challenge a rock singer role in drama shooting party release daily, drama off screen Song Ning are especially serious, practicing for advice, tempt the appetite of the audience. Many netizens found the play of Song Ning also tattooed arm tattoo, a lead a fast love freedom rock style, with previous roles be quite different, more let the audience have the daydream. Many fans have said: "ADA" have been tempted to follow the footsteps of Song Ning to accompany to his next stop.   相关的主题文章: