Sophomore boys military training before the sudden death of   the students denied the stay up — Education — original title: a sudden syncope died in August 29th at 6:40 Tongji sophomore boys before the military training, Tongji University (scores, professional settings) sophomore boys Jo participated in military training set when sudden syncope, was immediately sent to Xinhua hospital. That night, the boy died due to rescue invalid. Currently, the school is actively coordinating with the family to deal with the aftermath. The teacher back two or three days Hucai Jo native of Anhui, is the management class of grade 2015 in Tongji University College students. According to the scene with the military training of students, said at 6:40 on August 29th Xu, military training has not yet started, the students are preparing to set up a line of artificial lawn to eat breakfast. At this point, Cao suddenly collapsed in the vicinity of the artificial turf. Informed sources, in the military training began shortly before Jo just from the Tongji University Institute of management sponsored by the "love Dingxi" teaching activities back, and do not have any signs of health. "He is very enthusiastic to participate in school activities, popularity is also very good, not previously heard what he body." A student who declined to be named said. The netizen legend Jo has recently been staying up late, but with a Cao classmates education to the student, Jo from Yunnan to Shanghai only two or three days, sometimes sleep late, but never stay up late, the rest of. Tongji University shows yesterday, Tongji University released a report on the "August 29th school a student of sudden death: August 29th, about 6:40, grade 2015, School of economics and management Tongji University Siping Road Campus named in the playground, ready for collection after starting to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, and will begin the 2016 year military training for students after breakfast. At this point, a boy suddenly fell to the ground. With the training teachers for training with the doctor immediately, and call 120. Medical examination found that students take respiratory and cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration rescue measures immediately at the scene, the students breathing heart recovery. At 7:15 the ambulance rushed to the scene, accompanied by with training teachers, about 7:26 sent students to Xinhua hospital. 13:15 or so, parents rushed to the hospital. 14 when 07 minutes, the student died after rescue. This situation shows that the school also mentioned that the students in the school, abide by the regulations, study hard, good results; respect teachers, classmates, have very good popularity among the students; usually focus on social practice and the ability to exercise, to participate in the school organization Federation, the Communist Youth League school and students will work, work active in class work; enthusiastic participation, and recognized by teachers and students. The school is very sad and sorry for losing such a good student. [link] news "golden 4 minutes" is the key to the morning news reporter trainee reporter Chen Liyu Xie? "We have 1 hours after the onset of the sudden loss of consciousness as a characteristic, in the heart causes death called sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease is a major cause of cardiac sudden death in the elderly. Today, bad diet, lifestyle and other young people have become sudden death相关的主题文章: