Sophomore girls are not "bare loan owed about 500000 – rob Peter to pay Paul Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui daily news by the media repeatedly exposed," bare "loans into more people’s vision. Hefei, a vocational school sophomore girls small static (a pseudonym), on the bare bar loan to borrow money and spend with her boyfriend, the result into a quagmire. The principal from the use of less than 50 thousand yuan, less than a year, under the principal of the loan has been as high as 300 thousand yuan, the total principal and interest is $about 500000. Also can not afford the money after the nude photo ID cards to the Internet, the family phone was also noisy phone. Forced, the family at the same time the alarm, is the only housing repayment repayment. [event] Girls boyfriend nude mortgage loan interest spending some time ago, a netizen in micro-blog broke the news that the Hefei occupation college sophomore girls love to Xiaojing, whitening instrument investment on the grounds that the father forged guaranty with nude and mortgage fraud, absconding, has lost contact for a week. There are already a number of victims of fraud. Micro-blog also exposed the "naked girl holding" ID photos, the family residence, school dormitory address, professional, parents, school teachers and even students contact is released, micro-blog immediately caused a great disturbance. According to the contact information in the picture, the reporter contacted a small static father Zhang Xu (a pseudonym), he told reporters, micro-blog broke the news in addition to the contents of the daughter of his own security letter, the other are false. "She did owe a lot of money, but she didn’t cheat." Zhang Xu told reporters that her daughter a secret from his family. A boyfriend, he was spending more, and in general, daughter money through the net loan platform, using the "bare loan" way to borrow money, the principal is as high as 300 thousand yuan, a "loan" business net loan platform and lenders with her, there are as many as 59. "The vast majority of 300 thousand and not borrowed flowers, but borrowed early repayment of the debt owed, so rob Peter to pay Paul owed, the more and more. She borrowed from real money, almost less than 50 thousand dollars, results in less than a year, and now the total principal and interest about 500000 yuan." Zhang Xu told reporters, "daughter bare loan borrowing, which is as high as 3 points," 10 thousand dollars a week interest rates as high as 3000 yuan." More than creditors shall not spread the photos and other privacy small static first through the "campus loan way to borrow money, borrow money more and more later, not, had to use bare loan way lending loan". Through her father told reporters that these claims of the so-called "scam victims", the so-called partners are not their own, are lenders, in the online exposure of their photos, is to force her to repay. In fact, small static overdue, object lenders Dun has spread to the people around, some lenders static in the small school where her Post Bar exposure data, even false messages to their classmates, even in the last 3 months have been in contact with her people, have received these false information. In addition to small static, Zhang Xu family life was also Dun’s telephone "creative" chaos. "The average daily reminder calls can take more than and 30"相关的主题文章: