The 6 team strength shooting test did not meet the Shandong team of 13 people only 1 people by Han Dejun in the shooting sports Tencent strength test news September 1st CBA North has continued, the team completed the 2 minutes of shooting strength test. It is worth mentioning that, to participate in the test of the 10 teams, there are 6 teams are not up to standard, which is only the Shandong team through the 1 players. 2 minute intensity shot test gives each player a 2 shot and records the best results for the two time. According to the rules of the shooting intensity is: the outside players must reach 5 seconds, the player must reach the second shot frequency of 4 seconds. According to the final hitting number to obtain the corresponding score. Where the shooting test players strength failed, 10 times lower than the outwire hits, hit 13 times lower than the inside strength score is zero. According to regulations, the team must have 60% players. In the strength of the test, the best team to complete the Bayi team, only Tian Yu Xiang, Liu Hangchu and failed to reach the standard of 27, which is the best way to get a score of 31 points in the cast of 140 points. Tianjin 16 players, there are 7 people failed to reach the standard, the pass rate of less than 6. The Jilin team of 14 people, Geng Mingyang, Wang Pu and Zhong Cheng did not pass; Tongxi team of 16 people, 7 people failed to meet the same rate of less than 6. There are 14 people in Jiangsu,, Xu Ziyang, Zhang Youwei and Hou Yifan failed to reach the standard. Qingdao 16 players actually have failed to reach the target of 8 players, including Su Wei, the pass rate of only 50%. Guangsha 9 people participated in the test, 3 people have passed, including Lin Zhijie and Liu Zheng of the two players in taiwan. Shanxi 11 people participated in the meeting, the 5 did not meet. The Liaoning team of 10 people participated in the test, Li Xiaoxu can not play because of injury, high Shiyan, Yang Ming, Sun Kaiqi, Wei Meng, Hou Tianyi, and did not pass, only Han Dejun, Guo Xu and Bush pass tomorrow morning. As for the Shandong team, is the worst performance of all the teams participating in the test, 13 players, only Jiao Hailong. The Tianjin team, Tongxi team and Qingdao team, Shanxi team, Liaoning team and Shandong team of 60% players because there is no standard, needed to be measured. All players who did not pass the test will be added to the test, combined with the previous results, the rate of more than 60% can be achieved. (Yang Weili)相关的主题文章: