Taken together a comprehensive upgrade drive a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308- Beijing, Beijing, August 25, August 24th, "the strength of bloom — a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 drive" in Changsha prelude. The test drive mode of single station to station led by Changsha break the normal procedure, and will continue to drive in Chengdu, Luoyang, Yantai city four. Changsha Railway Station test, way of urban downtown and highways, beautiful countryside, full 99km. Equipped with a new generation of 308 1.6THP, 1.2THP and 1.6CVVT three engines, which 1.6THP engine with strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, for 8 consecutive years won the international engine of the year award, the maximum torque compared with the displacement naturally aspirated engine is increased by about 50%, at 1000 rpm when turbine starts working, 1400 RPM maximum torque at the start, push back significantly. The characteristics of 1.2THP engine with high performance, low fuel consumption, PSA is the latest global research and development of high power version of the engine, the maximum torque of 230N – m, power far exceeds the performance of mainstream 1.4T engine, in addition, a new generation of 308 is also equipped with 1.6L CVVT engine new adjustable, smooth and reliable. The whole system comes standard with STT intelligent start stop system automatically start the engine shut down, instantaneous connection does not affect driving habits, and guarantee the fuel economy. With STT, a new generation of 308 1.6THP models hundred kilometers fuel consumption as low as 6.1L, 1.2THP models hundred kilometers fuel consumption as low as 5.1L, 1.6L models hundred kilometers fuel consumption as low as 5.9L. Traveling in the city, on the road there are many old drivers, chaotic and rapid overtaking phenomenon have occurred, one may not pay attention to appearance of rub accident, an important reason for this is the frequent traffic accidents. And a new generation of 308 is the standard ESP9.1 system to cope with the city complex road escort, equipped with the few other surprises with blind spot detection system, detection range of 18 square meters, in the left lane adjacent the rear vehicle in the blind area, the corresponding side rearview mirror warning lights will be lit to remind the driver behind the car, to avoid danger. The probability of accident is reduced greatly, at the same time with the tire pressure monitoring system, all-round protection of the safety of occupants. The new Peugeot 308 using a unique and innovative design concept to create the body only i-Cockpit cockpit ergonomic design inspiration, both so that the driving experience of safety and comfort. Intelligent instrument by combination of colorful high high design, allows the driver to do eye with traveling at high speed, throttle off the road, overtaking the pleasure, like driving a car on the road, the butterfly needle movement cool more dynamic driving. 9.7 integrated touch screen clear and intuitive, while integrating the Car Play, multimedia, navigation and other functions of the 7. The new generation 308 interior, leather seats with blue suit dark stripe fabric material and black leather material mix, the Superman machine engineering.相关的主题文章: