The analysis: Ball half deep plate squirrel home court trustworthy – Sohu SMG number: VS FC in Yokohama on Wednesday 003 squirrel game time: November 9, 2016 18:00 asian handicap: 1.05 ball ball half 0.80 event interpretation: Squirrel level in the last stage of the state is quite good, the last 9 games 7 wins 1 flat 1 negative good result, in the cup 2 round of matches in the easy home court Palace squirrel. Yokohama FC is the Japanese team B, nearly 6 games to win 3 wins, 2 draws, 1 losses, in good condition. In the emperor’s Cup in Yokohama, FC’s performance is very general, nearly 9 war only 4 flat 5 negative. Analysis of ball handicap: the game for Asia refers to open a ball ball half index, market outlook is how unexpected back plate to a ball, but not by Boyo refers to the Lord – small, flat compensate even increased from 4.10 to 4.30, in the last 9 games the squirrel cup 7 wins 1 flat 1 good grades the war in Europe refers to negative, positive and credible. SMG football recommended: 3 asian handicap recommendation: Squirrel (-1 1.5)

日皇分析:球半深盘 松鼠主场值得信赖-搜狐  竞彩序号:周三003 大宫松鼠VS横滨FC   比赛时间:2016年11月9日 18:00   亚洲盘口:1.05 一球 球半 0.80   赛事解读:   大宫松鼠在日职联最后冲刺阶段状态相当不错,最近9场比赛取得7胜1平1负的好成绩,在日皇杯上2轮赛事大宫松鼠均在主场轻松过关。横滨FC是日职乙球队,近6场比赛取得3胜2平1负状态不错。在日皇杯赛场上,横滨FC的表现很一般,近9战只取得4平5负。   球智库盘口分析:   本场比赛亚指开出一球 球半指数,后市易胜博意外是退盘至一球盘,但易胜博欧指主胜没化不大,平赔甚至从4.10提升至4.30,大宫松鼠在最近9场日皇杯赛事取得7胜1平1负的好成绩,本战欧指利好可信。   竞彩足球推荐:3   亚洲盘口推荐:大宫松鼠(-1 1.5)相关的主题文章: