Barcelona’s biggest enemy! In the league than Arsenal behind Barcelona this season has played in 44 games for Arsenal is sina sports 18 in the Champions League knockout in barcelona. The past few seasons Premiership teams in the Champions League has been mediocre record, many Premier League Fans blamed the Premier League game is too dense, too much consumption. But the "Daily Mail" pointed out that now the reason in Barcelona before completely untenable. This season Barcelona every 3.73 days on average to play a game, the game’s strength and the density of any Premier League team can not be compared. "Daily Mail" said that if Liverpool and Manchester City, Arsenal worry about their intensive schedule, that would take a good look at the Barcelona. From August the beginning of the season so far, in addition to a brief Christmas and the national team, Barcelona have no rest. In six competitions fighting the red and blue army, in 164 days cumulative played 44 games, an average of every 3.73 days for a time. Including the 25 Liga games, 6 Champions League, 8 king’s cup, the 2 World Cup game, 2 games in the Spanish Super Cup and 1 UEFA Super cup. Fatigue, perhaps is the biggest enemy of barcelona. In such a busy schedule, Basa can achieve today’s success, it is very admirable. Since October 3rd, Barcelona has 32 consecutive games unbeaten. In contrast, have been complaining about the game, race hard Premier League team and Barcelona than even the happiness. Specifically, Manchester season has played a total of 40 games, an average of 4.08 per day for a. Arsenal played 38 games, every 4.55 days have a match. The most difficult is Liverpool, the season has played 42 games, the average every 3.95 days to play a, but still slightly easier than barcelona. In the past, many fans will Premier League Champions League Premier League due to the poor performance of intensive schedule, now face Barcelona Arsenal, apparently can not use this as an excuse. But everything has two sides, "Daily Mail" that Barcelona intensive schedule consumption is very large, it may be able to help Arsenal beat barcelona. (Marco)

巴萨最大敌人现身!全英超都比不了 阿森纳偷笑 巴萨本赛季已经踢了44场比赛   新浪体育讯  阿森纳即将在欧冠1 8淘汰赛中迎来巴萨。近几个赛季英超球队在欧冠中一直战绩平平,不少英超拥趸将此归咎于英超球队的比赛太过密集,消耗太大。不过《每日邮报》指出,如今这个理由在巴萨面前完全站不住脚了。本赛季的巴萨平均每3.73天就要踢一场比赛,比赛的密度和强度之大是任何英超球队都无法相比的。   《每日邮报》称,如果曼城、利物浦和阿森纳担忧自己赛程密集,那真该好好看看巴萨了。从8月份赛季开始至今,除了短暂的圣诞以及国家队比赛日,巴萨基本就没有休息过。六线赛事作战的红蓝军团,在164天的比赛里累计踢了44场比赛,平均每3.73天就要出战一次。其中包括25场西甲联赛、6场欧冠、8场国王杯、2场世俱杯、2场西班牙超级杯以及1场欧洲超级杯。疲劳,或许才是巴萨最大的敌人。在如此密集的赛程下,巴萨还能取得如今的战绩,无疑非常令人钦佩。从10月3日以来,巴萨已经连续32场比赛保持不败了。   相比之下,一直抱怨比赛多,赛程艰苦的英超球队与巴萨相比,就算幸福的了。具体来说,曼城赛季至今共踢了40场比赛,平均每4.08天出战一场。阿森纳踢了38场比赛,平均每4.55天才有一场比赛。最艰苦的要算利物浦,红军赛季至今出战42场,平均每3.95天就要踢一场,不过比起巴萨来还是稍稍轻松一些。   过去,许多英超球迷将英超球队欧冠成绩不佳的原因归咎于赛程密集,如今面对巴萨的阿森纳,显然不能再以此为借口了。不过凡事都有两面性,《每日邮报》便认为,巴萨的密集赛程消耗很大,这或许能够帮助阿森纳击败巴萨。   (马尔科)相关的主题文章: