Health CPAP, or CPAP is a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea interfere. The primary goal of treatment is to normalize an irregular breathing pattern during sleep patients. CPAP therapy using a device such as a mask or device that fits on the face, what he calls the CPAP mask. Mask is connected by tubing to a CPAP machine. Machine works by providing a constant air flow and pressure, eliminates the gap stopped breathing and patients with sleep apnea affected. Regular breathing and continue to help patients to sleep through the night, which ultimately relieve apnea symptoms such as anxiety, irritability drowsiness, and drowsiness. Additional information about CPAP masks Before deciding to get a CPAP mask, consider the following in selecting the best choice for patients. Here are the important details about the CPAP mask. The importance of fit – the mask should fit perfectly with the patient. This will ensure .fort and prevent leakage to sleep better. Most suitable is a custom CPAP masks. Take the type of agreement – CPAP masks .e in many forms. Finding the best choice for patients can be difficult. You need to adapt their way of life of patients (she likes to read at night, wear a beard) and the natural behavior (many moves as you sleep, claustrophobia). The parts of the machine – usually knick-knacks CPAP machines .e with CPAP, CPAP masks, tubing, wires, one or more filters, manual and carrying case. Filters and masks must be replaced regularly, while the electrical wiring and pipes also need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. Power – Most CPAP machines can use the AC / DC or battery can be connected to 110 volt outlet. Maintenance of machinery – Regularly clean the machine and the place where it is placed. Dust should be avoided. Edge air inlet should always be clear. Check the bed or the curtains are attached to the inlet air. humidification – This process reduces the appearance of nasal irritation, because it adds moisture to the air. Change the water daily and clean the machine prior to delivery of individual humidifier to prevent spills and other accidents. Ability to mask – Masks CPAP will work with the CPAP machine. Treatment Mask – CPAP masks should be cleaned every day. Warm water and a gentle baby shampoo or soap should be used for washing. Use a clean towel to dry the mask or let it air dry. Antibacterial soaps may work against silicon, while lanolin soap or lotion mask can cover and loosen joints. Some manufacturers also offer a tissue to clean the mask mask mask fit perfectly. Spare parts and masks – CPAP mask is a section that can be removed and replaced a few. Some of the most .mon for any type of mask is a mask frame, cushion masks, helmets and click use. Mask cushion must be replaced every three months and the whole mask every six months. To improve the performance and longevity of CPAP mask should be used on the net. Moisturizers, cosmetics and other fatty foods are not re.mended because the oil can work against the seal of the mask About the Author: 相关的主题文章: