The eastern Army First Army Lishui Suichang night rush to the rescue of the landslide disaster – Beijing new network in Lishui in September 29, (Huang Jiandongzhang Jie Liu Yuan) "Bei Jie Zhen Su Cun, Lishui Suichang landslides, destroyed more than and 20 houses, 30 people lost contact, please rushed to support!" The 28 day at 21:22, the eastern theater Army First Army combat duty room suddenly urgent orders. Two emergency workers from the unit machine step division and motorized infantry brigade immediately dispatched to quickly complete response. More than and 10 minutes later, more than 350 officers Bingbing divided, carrying more than 30 vehicles and rescue equipment and rescue machinery to the disaster area, in the rain night rush to the rescue. 29 days 9 when disaster rescue forces arrived. As the road was destroyed, large vehicles moved slowly. A brigade political commissar Ma Ronggen, chief of staff Jiang Shaogang decided to walk to the affected area into the core. The soldiers saw in the disaster ravaged periphery, a dangerous situation, many roads were destroyed, gravel, broken wood everywhere, the scene is a mess. We did not hurry night tired, immediately start cleaning up, and strive to quickly open up the rescue "path of life". The first army brigade officers and soldiers in the camp workers wrecker rescue Fuwa. Shi Hanyu, according to reports, the implementation of the rescue and relief of the first army is a marshal founded by He Long, has a long history of the old red army. In November last year, Lishui city in the eastern town of Yingxiu, geological disasters landslides, they had ordered emergency rescue and disaster relief. Learned that the army rescue troops to aid Lishui, the presence of local leaders have said: "you come, we rest assured!" Enter the core of the affected areas, the situation is more critical at the moment: the boulders and trunk blocked roads, rescue machinery can not display; heavy rain on the landslide disaster area may increase at any time. More disturbing is that near the disaster area has formed a more than 30 meters deep lake, flood slapping mud, rushed to the village may at any time. Disaster is the command. In the face of the crisis, the group’s military rescue command team dispatched a number of teams to investigate the situation. With the satellite image comparison, they decided to sent 3 boats of mass transfer, then the implementation of the rescue plan blasting lake. A raging flood, small boats like a dead leaf, at any time may be swallowed. Can the soldiers were unafraid, all Qingzhan front to participate in the rescue. The first group of soldiers brigade brigade officers and soldiers rushed into the search and rescue boat. Shi Hanyu shot the driver before the end of the night, he returned to the camp just half an hour to receive orders, at the moment has been fighting for 18 hours, but he is still the first to jump on the assault boat. Around many of his comrades advised him to rest, but what force with a stamp: "I would go in a second, possibly to transfer one of the masses, let me on!" In this way, more than 350 officers and soldiers are divided into more than 10 groups, take turns to take the boat to the depths of the disaster area to advance, once again will be transferred to the affected people. As of press time, the group’s rescue troops have successfully transferred more than 140 people. Although the soldiers a day night, but still fighting in the anti Taiwan in the flood line, hold the boat of life". (end)相关的主题文章: