Careers-Employment There are around a million people of as employees from different parts of the world. The Arab countries have dominated the world through its OPEC recognition since ages, being the country with the immense disposition of crude and oil and the ample facility to explore new fields and get the maximum out of the current oil wells. Practically oil has be.e the main source of energy. Saudi Arabia out of all the countries of the world has the largest deposits of crude nearly 20% of the worlds production is by Saudi Arabia and is currently the head of OPEC organization, thus has a .plete control of the foreign crude rates and enjoy the high flow of foreign currency for the purchase of those crude. The Employment in Saudi Arabia has a non-exhaustive demand for labor i.e. unskilled and semi-skilled workers. The demand for labor in bottom level for the .panies has been huge there. The local people cannot fulfill those demand thus for the expats who are not skilled can look for the future there. The currency conversion helps the expats to enjoy more money due to the exchange rate. Saudi Arabia has always contributed immensely towards the employment. It has be.e a hope for the career for lakhs of people. Though majority of them are the manual labors still they earn enough to look after their family. Recently trend of the Jobs in Saudi Arabia has been changed. Initially few decades ago Saudi Arabia was majorly an oil based economy. Meaning the country has the major business in oil and petroleum exports and results in majority of the countrys business with 90% of exports of oil and around 45% of contribution to the GDP. The other significant thing is that few years ago there was a free hand hiring of employees from any foreign land thus because of this people from homeland faced difficult in finding jobs. The .panies in Saudi Arabia believed more in the people from foreign country as the Saudi has low level of education. Ironically having money and availability the local people dont have the qualification for job. But currently the government has understood the cause and effect relationship of education level and the development of the country and recent efforts of the government to change the scenario of Jobs in Saudi Arabia have uplifted the country in various sector. This has helped in creation of the job of finance and service domain. Thus from the blue collared jobs the trend of employment in Saudi Arabia has been shifted to white collar jobs. The various sectors like medical care, healthcare, IT, software, primary education, banking and finance etc. have been developed. The people that used to visit the country to develop their careers now have a chance to move up and look for some real job. It is rightly said that with some good .es evil the government in order to develop its own economy has to put up the restriction on the .panies regarding the recruitment and thus the expats working in Saudi Arabia have face difficulty in surviving their jobs with the increasing .petition and the preference given to the local people. Though there has been a drastic change in the trend of employment still the oil and crude industry remains the best player among the filed providing employment and still the in.e from these .panies dominates the GDP of the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: