The first time after the "grand track" to boast a boast of what is going on? [Abstract] even if the "grand track" there are still many will be Tucao where Guo Jingming is also difficult to simply rely on a film to reverse his position in the public opinion in the. However, this is indeed than those produced crude, forced stirring base, full of gas network scripts, awkward bursting point homemade popcorn movie, too good. "Grand track" first notice day group to build a fourth value Yan magic film Tencent (Wen Yang Geng entertainment Zhuangao editing circle) what kind of film in the promotional period only launched a trailer? What kind of movie was released at the premiere when genius held the premiere? What kind of movie premiere tickets can also be fired thousands of Yuan berserk? What kind of movies can be gathered in a called "frenzied" all star cast? "Grand track" crew family portrait: what kind of movie is adapted from a "pending" of the original novel? What kind of movies do you want to take with all the live CG motion capture techniques that other Chinese directors have not used? What kind of movies, people holding the "desperate" approach to harvest the unexpected joy? What kind of movie, let a person want to boast but seem to boast not export? Meet the above conditions of the film, there may be many. However, to meet all, only one – "grand track". "Grand track" the official version of the poster in September 29th, the film "grand track" premiere in Beijing, this is regarded as the National Archives before top seeded topic for the box office of the first public film finally. In September 30th, 0.1, this movie has begun in the national day before the release, and the release of the "passing from your world" opened a national profile curtain. As Guo Jingming’s new film, the film "grand track" from the project at the beginning of much discussion and questions publicly. Guo Jingming and Wang source together onto the red carpet Premiere of "grand track" first is the type of film. "Grand track" adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name, is a blend of myths, epics, and other elements of the real action fantasy film CG. The story of the scene shooting stars in the movie is like this: the myth of the legendary Odeon mainland is divided into four countries, wind, fire, water, every country has mastered the soul of people, one of the most powerful of the seven is called the king. Water boy Qi zero (played by Chen Xuedong) mysteriously was the seven Baron silver (played by Wu Yifan) as an apostle, involved in the soul of the storm, water hidden secrets has gradually surfaced. In the story, to find their own acts of silver Qi zero, inadvertently found the previous king Gilgamesh was probably still alive the secret, then back into the search, and at the same time as the erosion of King ghost (played by William Chan), Maria Teresa (played by Amber Kuo) also received the Silver Ghost and Shanlian Stephen (played by Fan Bingbing), killing red news. A king and the apostles to the truth and honor campaign triggered at any moment. Four groups of jazz in the film make partner even leaving had questions about the similarity between the "grand track" novels and Japanese "FATE" and the "copy" theory, try in this type of Chinese film for so many years, there is no real box office reputation double harvest work, plus.相关的主题文章: