The flying stones near the school site of parents send their children to the site to be injured head caving rocks. The picture provided by the respondents a parent of the BMW car rear glass smashed into a spider. Yesterday about 7:30 in the morning, after sending children to school after Ms. Chang has just started the car, suddenly a fist sized rock flying over, "bang", the rear window glass is often broken into a lady BMW car spider. At the same time, around at least 4 vehicles have been flying stone, one of them to send their children to the old head smashed, but fortunately did not cause illness. Things happen, can let the lady is angry, the construction side to give her compensation she can not accept. Site hit the stone hit the BMW car, I’m glad not to hit the child." Although things have been in the past, but in retrospect often scared or ms.. Yesterday morning at 7:30 or so, Ms. Chang as usual, drove the child to the spring elementary school. After getting off the child, Ms. Chang has just started the car, suddenly flew across the road from the site of a fist size stones, stones hit the rear of the car often lady, the glass instantly broke into a spider web. Then Ms. Chang came to fly the stone site. "The site is across from the school and across the road from the school." Ms. Chang said, after she came to the site found that the site is more than and 20 meters high rammed earth, the machine is working. "When I talk to them, they have a bad attitude." Ms. Chang said that he was driving a BMW car, she asked the maintenance costs to the 4S shop that the original glass needs to replace the million. "They only promise to pay me 800 yuan, which is far from my maintenance cost." Ms. Chang said that in the end she also agreed to replace the factory glass, about 3000 yuan fee, but the construction side also strongly disagree. Fruitless negotiations, and ultimately Ms. Chang can only choose the alarm. When the reporter interviewed her, Ms. Chang is still waiting for the police to investigate the police station. At least 4 cars smashed, smashed a LAORENTOU reporter learned that, at the time of the incident, there are other parents vehicles "suffer misfortune". Ms. Shang told reporters, when she also sent their children to school, the child got off after she just turned around, was flying over the stone hit. "My car’s windshield and car roof are smashed." Ms. Shang said, in addition, she saw near the other car smashed. Perhaps we are anxious to go to work, and some see the hit is not very serious to go, my car hit more serious, I went to the construction site to find." Ms. Shang said, after consultation, the construction side to compensate her 500 yuan, because she was driving the car is not expensive, but not enough to maintain the cost of $500 vehicles. "We are anxious to go to work, there is no time to spend with them." It is said that this matter also let her fear, if at the time the child she finished off the head off the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. During the interview, Ms. Chang also told reporters that the incident was another woman to send their children to school head smashed, but fortunately no matter. "Near the school, the work of such a ‘barbaric’ construction is too terrible." Ms. Chang said, hope to remind the local, avoid with man相关的主题文章: