Personal-Tech What is Smart Card? Smart Card is like an ultra-portable micro-.puter, it can be used to store and process important data such as personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing with the corresponding smart card reader. Smart card is a chip card with pocket-size and embedded integrated circuits. Chip functionality and encryption of smart card 1Chip functions Do you want to know what wonderful functions on the fingernail size IC chip that embedded on the smart card? Well, smart card chip is mainly .posed of two parts: MPU (micro processing unit) and EEPROM, MPU consists of three parts: COS, CPU, RAM, and there are three main areas of EEPTOM: Directory Area, Secrect Area, Data Area. 2Smart Card encryption method Smart Card itself apart from has strict planning for its internal data access control, but also provides encryption and decryption functions. The encryption and decryption process, is the way of the use of secret operations, that is, the whole operation process Smart Card is done in foreign output in the final results. The following is some .monly used encryption methods: DES: DES is the abbreviation of Data Encryption Standard, the algorithm has be.e the standard in the US government in 1977, became the ANSI standard in 1981, DES with 56-bit length of the key for block data encryption. Triple-DES: Triple-DES is the algorithm that using three different KEYs repeated DES algorithm three times, its security can be increased at least twice. the security of DES algorithm repeated by two different keys does not meet our needs, because an attacker can use DES to encrypt for plaintext while use DES to decrypt the resulting ciphertext, produced out until the .pliant event occurs. RSA: RSA public key system is developed by the three well-known MIT professors Ronald Rivest, Aid Shamir, Leonard Adleman. RSA not only can be used to encrypt information, but also it is the basis for a digital signature system. Digital signatures can be used to confirm the source of digital files, as well as the accuracy of the contents, and the RSA KEY can use any length, depending on the actual situation. Smart Card authentication method and its application on the PC 1Smart Card authentication method We wonder if there is such experience, we hold telephone card into the bank’s ATM, the machine will immediately withdraw the telephone card, which is the Smart Card argument method is mainly used to identify the different nature of the card by ATR. The so-called ATR (Answer to Reset) refers to the transfer protocol established between the card and the card reader, and the card has a specialized area to storage the ATR information, the ATR value of different types of cards will be different, that is, different the nature of the Smart Card into the card reader, the card will be withdraw immediately, which is protection function of Smart Card. 2Applications on PC In the application of the PC, the user can borrow from the use of smart cards to enhance security, such as limiting the .puter’s power on / off operation, the lock on the keyboard, mouse, USB and other peripheral devices, and advanced features such as encryption and decryption of data. For read or modified the information on the IC card, we need the help of Smart Card Reader (likes Syncotek SC-600-P smart card reader). After the above description, I believe we can learn that smart card is like a small .puter, it can not only be used to save important information and "handle" our important data, but also it has strong secrecy, interference, no wear, long life. It is a convenient and secure high-tech product. I believe that the smart card will replace a variety of cards in future, it will bring us to new life "one card in hand, countless convenience". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: