The online auction agency alliance fifth smitten Guardian online with the Cultural Heritage Office held the fourth Beijing Huimin cultural consumption season digital culture melody plate activity launch a special agency of the alliance auction fifth. Held from August 27th to 31. Will present including smashing art cottage, double Xin Zhai, Le Cheng, Song Yang, real space culture art institutions such as art, carefully selected strongly recommended includes more than 400 pieces of painting and calligraphy, porcelain miscellaneous wonderful auction China, contemporary technology, oil paintings and sculptures and other categories, professional art collections are excellent, can be worthy of trust, you can pay more attention to the friends of tibet. During August 26th to 27, were shot in the guardian online exhibition held (official website). [double] Xin Zhai Li Xiongcai "Lan" in this paper Shitu Mirror Heart 45× 68 Li Xiongcai (1910~2001), Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing. The contemporary Chinese painter and art educator, representatives of the south of the Five Ridges school accomplished. The "blue Shitu" as Li Lao hit in 1996, to reflect the shades of ink stone three-dimensional sense of sophistication and style. Lansheng stone blue ink, paint leaves, and very fresh, and the ink color shade to show orchid elegant and clever dust gas. Using the techniques presented Mogu flowers, a large park anthocyanic ink, charm elegance, elegant temperament of Gao Jie. In the paintings and ink lines, Bibi reveals the profound knowledge, showing a rich romantic charm. Through the poems of Mr. Wanli Yang, he expressed his love for orchids and his attitude towards life! Wang Yong "in" this paper treasures million Mirror Heart 69× 135.5; Wang Yong, born in 1948 in Beijing, Shanxi, Taiyuan. Under the guidance of Ye Qianyu, Li Keran, and Mr. Liang Shunian. This is Mr. Wang Yong in 1984 as a result of the the Great Wall scenery. Mr. Wang to use bold, vigorous ink show China dragon, layers of ink, concise line, and wonderful rocks. With simple lines to depict the sheep run in the desert area of natural scenery. His works are full of a yearning for the original, yearning for the natural humanistic attitude, clever with a vast and powerful Park realm, become a center for contemporary painting and calligraphy in the home. [art] Huang Zhou cottage hit "the donkey" this paper frame 67.5× 46; Huang Zhou (1925.3 – 1997.4.23) Chinese painting master, social activist, collector. This is Huang Lao in 1962 for Gong Dafei created. The use of sketch expression grasp the characters look dynamic, clothing and environment in detail, characters of object mental state, showing a strong flavor of life. Picture structure, overlapping characters and the donkey, vision, distance and color complex, natural yellow old creation hierarchy in extremely permissive, extreme colors. It is out of the hands of everyone! Pu Songchuang "Ma" in this paper the vertical 66× 43 Pu Song window, the Qing imperial clan, descendants of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Daoguang four generation grandson, a famous modern painter. The flow performance of light and graceful, majestic-looking horse mane, as well, but strength such as wire, and the slightest!相关的主题文章: