UnCategorized Getting visitors to your Web site is the essence of the success of your home business online marketing promotion. You can build the greatest home business Internet site but if its marketing and promotion doesn’t bring user traffic to the site it’s useless. Once those visitors are coming to your site your it is important to have tracking software that can let you know which pages they view and for how long and what brings them to the site and what page they are on when they exit the site. All this information helps you improve your site and the online sales process for your home business Internet marketing and promotion. Your online marketing and promotion plan for your Internet home business should include the following goals: * To get instant low cost traffic to your site so that your visitors can let you know if your Web sales copy works, if the order form is right, if the navigation is easy and if the opt-in e-mail offer is productive. * To test whether the sales process you have set up online does the optimal job of converting your home Internet business’ Web traffic into the greatest number of sales. * To bring the greatest number of consumers to your Web site in the least amount of time. * And to assure that putting your Web traffic marketing and promotion campaign on autopilot successfully grows your Internet home business. When it comes to testing your Internet site prior to home business online marketing promotion a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know how to test and what to test. The basics that you need to look at are the ordering process, the sales copy, the opt-in e-mail offer and the navigation of the site. The ordering process must be designed with the assumption that the consumer who buys from you has never done so online before. Make it so easy to navigate that the Web novice won’t give up in frustration. When looking at the sales copy on your site you want to pay close attention to how captivating your headlines are, how clear and influential the benefits are spelled out, that the guarantee is prominent and clear and that there is a strong call to action. The opt-in offer must be prominent and very inviting. The point of testing this is to make sure that you’re getting the contact information from that consumer. You know can lure them to your site time and time again until they say otherwise. The most important thing to look at when testing your site’s navigation is to make sure that someone who wants to buy your product or service online can do it in two easy clicks. More than that and you start to lose the interest of this instant-gratification audience – especially if your market is under 35 years of age. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: