The postal savings bank Chinese IPO is expected to network of 28 new listing in Hongkong in September 13 – Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Zhou Xueting) in Hong Kong China postal savings bank Limited by Share Ltd 13 in Hong Kong announced a public offering of shares in 14, expected in 28 in Hongkong Stock Exchange main board listing. The postal savings bank plans to issue price of HK $4.68 to HK $5.18, the amount of money raised in 55 billion 600 million to 70 billion 800 million between the Hong Kong dollar. The postal savings bank prospectus, the number of shares in the global offering 12 billion 107 million shares, of which about 5% for sale in Hongkong. The postal savings bank H share stock code 1658, will be traded on the main board of the stock exchange in each hand 1000 h shares. The Postal Savings Bank IPO in 2016 is expected to become Hongkong’s highest fund-raising amount of shares. Hongkong stock exchange in the first half of 2016 completed a total of 23 initial public offering, raising the total amount of $5 billion 500 million, the number of events and fund-raising ranked first in the world. With the Postal Savings Bank IPO in Hong Kong, Hongkong will further lead the international capital market. The postal savings bank chairman Li Guohua said, the postal savings bank in Hong Kong IPO is the internationalization of the capital market and an important step. The postal savings bank will take in the future to the retail banking business as the main body, the corporate banking business and fund business as the two wings of the wings "strategy, and vigorously upgrade the development of Internet banking, online + offline service network, to create a full range of electronic banking system. China postal savings bank was founded in 2007, is China’s largest commercial banks, more than 40 thousand outlets covering all cities in China and the county area of 98.9%, the number of individual customers more than 500 million.相关的主题文章: