The twentieth session of the tripod Award Announced public voting data     best newcomer Luhan or Wu Yifan? – Culture – original title: Best Newcomer Luhan is Wu Yifan? The investigation Chinese film twentieth satisfaction tripod Award – release ceremony will be held on September 7th, since August 17th announced the top 12 Award nominations, as of August 24th 9, the first week of voting data released, there are 6 nominations for the "old gun" outstanding performance in the public vote links, in the China "best picture" and "best director" and "best actor", "best supporting actor", "best film production" 5 nominations on the number of votes are way ahead. Nominated for "best newcomer" Wu Yifan suffered a rival — with "back to" 20 finalists Luhan, but two of the popular vote are far more than the other candidates for awards. From the first cycle of voting data table, with 6 nominations for "old gun" than to have 7 nominations for "wolf" more fighting, for "best film award Chinese" 5 films as an example, the "old gun" wolf "," Rick "Sherlock", "Twelve troubles citizens", "Ji" catch demon, in micro-blog, WeChat dual platform voting are way ahead as of 24, 9, the tripod award WeChat official vote of 18200 votes, the highest number of votes and several other films are not more than 3000 votes; the tripod award official micro-blog votes for the 24831 votes, more than 20 thousand votes more than twelve lags behind the "citizen". From the data of the first cycle of the vote, 12 awards, voting participants most, the most intense competition to the number of "Chinese best newcomer", because the award set two "popular" Wu Yifan and luhan. Luhan votes ahead, and the growth in every day tens of thousands of votes, only in the 15 hours in August 23rd 18 points to 9 points in August 24th, the micro-blog vote from 96244 votes to 128423 votes mad, then WeChat, Luhan in the first cycle of votes up to 152946 votes, although the number of votes every day Wu Yifan is also growing, but in the first cycle of cut-off point harvest only 91336 votes, more than 60 thousand votes less than luhan. In addition, Luhan also by virtue of "return to the age of 20" the theme song "tomorrow" nominated "Chinese best song award", the votes of nearly 90 thousand votes, and several other works of film songs such as Na Ying’s "Silence", Hebe Tian’s "little Rene Liu", "lucky", read Jin Zhiwen "Sherlock" the highest votes worry no more than 10 thousand votes, remarkable Luhan idol fans influence and strong support force. Other awards, "best actress", "go to hell," Bai Baihe’s tumor Jun, Song Jia, Hsu Chi votes ahead of Zhao Tao Jiang Qinqin and several candidates; the "best director" is a "pancake man" director Dong Chengpeng have the highest number of votes; Shen Zaiyuan, Liang Jiyong with "ghost blows out the Dragon tactic" become "the strongest contender for best action movie guide", a comprehensive number of votes more than 25 thousand; "best screenplay" is the "I have Yongting girlhood)相关的主题文章: