The weak front bad Lippi domestic game has no genuine center? Sohu – Sports 2018 World Cup qualifying round 12 match fifth round of group, the Orangemen in Kunming 0-0 regret to draw with Qatar, coach Lippi led the national football debut failed to get the first win 12 match, but Lippi did give the Orangemen brought many positive changes. But, the Orangemen weak front problems continue to exist, even if the country full advantage, can not achieve a goal. Even more worrying is that in addition to Zhang Yuning in the foot of the array, but no longer a pure center player, the bench to play the role of Yu Dabao and Gao Lin are unable to complete the task of a single arrow! In this game, Lippi chose the young Zhang Yuning first, fancy is back young ball skills, hoping that he can form a "bridgehead" trend in the front. Through the course of the game, Zhang Yuning is really good to complete the task of Lippi explained, he took the ball, the ball for the Chinese team has created a lot of offensive opportunities. But unfortunately, China team several feet hit the door are lack of luck, always could not penetrate the Qatar man’s gate. The second half, Lippi summoned, replaced Zhang Yuning, Yu Dabao and Gao Lin successively row. But after the two substitutions, the Orangemen in front fulcrum advantage moment Qatar also began to come to nothing, and organized attack. This in addition to the reasons for the decline in physical fitness, but more or no matter Gao Lin or Yu Dabao, can not be completed as the ball back to the task of Zhang Yuning, the center position of the body soft. But it is embarrassing that these two people have been on the domestic arena is relatively good striker! It is difficult Chinese football for many years, the lack of a good striker, striker always limp. On the national foot Feng weakness problem, in fact, Lippi already know. During the year Hengda coach, in an interview with reporters Lippi asked such a question, why in the club can win AFC Champions League, but the national team but did not play in the world cup? At that time, Lippi said: "because there is a very clear reason, in China, League striker and winger are basically foreign aid, each team are holding 4-2-3-1, but good in that position on Chinese players not more than three or four, Chinese good midfielders and defenders in the Chinese. In the stadium, you can see many fans and enthusiastic expectations, every player in an effort, but can not enter the ball, so it is easy to lose the game back." Lippi’s words in today’s game, is also very appropriate. In the game, the Orangemen created a lot of chances, Wu Xi header, Zheng Zhi’s long-range have threatened Qatari goal, but always missed the goal. Is this game today, national football team has 4 games without a goal, and the front line is erected throughout the 12 finals in 5 games. Tonight, we can see the Orangemen attack the rich, with more kick the ball, and Zhi Peng, Zhang Xizhe left with delicate ginger, but we can always see national football striker scoring. This troubled country full years of chronic illness, even as strong as the world marshal Lippi will not be in the game?相关的主题文章: