This year, "net red" to play the best is he? Sohu car small partners still remember in June 21st this year, Dongfeng scenery of the listing conference? DFM invited 100 red listed online broadcast, as the first person to eat crabs, but create a great sensation at that time! Because of this conference, as well as the subsequent dissemination of benefits. November 5th, Dongfeng well-off recognized by the authority, won the China Innovation communication award network red marketing gold! So the question is, what is the title of honor? Can you eat? Look, Xiao Bian this will take you a long experience? What is the Chinese innovation communication award? China Innovation communication award, is the highest level in the Chinese communication industry annual event – China Communications leaders forum. As the highest honor of media industry professional award, innovation award by the Chinese China spread communication industry high-end network sharing platform, innovative communication industry chamber of Commerce was founded and organized and value, to find the outstanding innovation dissemination and application case, from a multi dimension case, application and mechanism innovation, show the value of marketing communication, promote the sustainable development of media industry. The gold medal is? The competition is extremely fierce competition, since its inception in June 8, 2016, a total of 91 companies reported a total of 348 entries (case class of the class, non case works of the 40) (308). The final case produced content group, channel group, technology group and regional group gold 22, silver 72 awards, the best non case class 25. Such a great award, why can get off the east wind? Dongfeng scenery to create a new era of red car network broadcast! June 21st, Dongfeng scenery listed. Six home broadcast platform collective recommendation, the total amount of interaction over 5 million 400 thousand Baidu index rose rapidly, since 2000+ soared to 18000+, the growth rate of more than 800%, the major well-known media news release of up to 554 times. This would make headlines are not only difficult to ~ Dongfeng scenery early suction eye, post sales also leverage! Since listing in June 21st, sales of Dongfeng scenery all the way up. August sales will be over 10000, in October and then a new high, sales of up to 14 thousand and 400! Honor is the affirmation of past achievements, the future will continue to exceed. Dongfeng well-off will continue to move forward, continuous innovation, intentions for the majority of customer service!相关的主题文章: