The red shoes this year should be the double NMD, the adidas Sina | column fashion standard of luxury brand Adidas is really a big bull to death, hunger marketing play very well, now hot sports shoes popular styles of Adidas accounted for three, there has been the explosion of red Stansmith (article for details Stan Smith view: it seems that this pair of white shoes to a fire. And even though I think it’s ugly, but it’s ten times the price of cattle to sell, and Kanye West yeezy boost 350 Cooperation (article details can see: this pair of running shoes with what can be cattle turned ten times the price of the sale? The rest of the pair is today to say NMD, the name is particularly good to remember, is curse, favorite use of three words. The shoes look very nice and feel much better than yeezy boost 350. It’s the same. It’s hard to buy. It’s just to draw lots. To tell you the truth, I’ve also been involved in the two day lottery, hoping to win. This is also a kind of brand hunger marketing, things are rare, the more you can’t buy, the more want, but this is really cheap a lot of cattle and purchasing, the shoes are also fried to thousands of pieces, the price seems to be more than 1400. The usual trick is to give the stars first. The Chinese love most is the "stars with the same paragraph", see the idols are very unreasonable to wear, want to have. I often have the cooperation will put on the spokesperson, Edison Chan is one of the trendsetter circle is very influential figures, of course, want to wear. Shawn Yue, Adidas spokesman, taste is also very good, the influence is also very strong. Show Luo also used these shoes to match the sports car. Kim young sister very much like sports shoes dressed, yeezy boost 350 often see her out of the street, this pair appears on her feet is very common. Straight movement of this pair of shoes is a very large, this is also the reason why it is straight love. NMD is the abbreviation of NO MAD. Boost soles, Primeknit uppers, with the 1984 Micro Pacer, Rising Star in 1985, and the shadow of Boston Super in 1986 represent the three greatest moments of innovation in the history of adidas. Adidas Boost’s feet are so comfortable that I have to admit that it’s the most comfortable sport shoe I’ve ever worn. It was launched in 2013 with a new midsole material, which was developed by Adidas and German chemical company BASF, consisting of a unique solid particle. The thing about the cow is that the Boost material can store the force and transform it! So stepping on it is like stepping on a midsole that absorbs the resilience of your power. Comfortable walking is a prerequisite to buy a pair of shoes, but it must also look good, NMD on the whole, in addition to comfort, looks retro and fashionable, foot effect is very good 今年最红的运动鞋应该就是阿迪这双NMD了吧   文|新浪专栏 风尚标 奢侈品牌 大飞   阿迪达斯真的是牛逼死了,饥饿营销玩的非常好,眼下大热的运动鞋热门款式阿迪达斯就占了三双,有已经爆红了的Stansmith(文章详情可查看:看来Stan Smith这双小白鞋要继续火一阵了。)还有虽然我觉得很丑但却被黄牛翻十倍价格来卖的跟Kanye West合作的yeezy boost 350(文章详情可查看:这双跑鞋凭什么可以被黄牛翻十倍的价格卖?)剩下的一双就是今天要说的NMD了,名字特别好记,就是骂人最爱用的三个字。鞋子的样子很喜欢,感觉比yeezy boost 350好看太多了。   它也是同样的非常难买,动不动就是要抽签,说实话,我也参与了过两天的抽签活动,希望能中。这也是品牌饥渴营销的一种,物以稀为贵,越买不到越想要,不过这样真的是便宜了很多黄牛和代购,这双鞋同样也炒到了几千块,售价貌似是1400多。   惯用的招数就是先送给明星穿,中国人最爱的就是各种“明星同款”,看见偶像们在穿就非常不理性的想拥有。所以经常有合作的代言人都一定会先穿上,陈冠希就是潮人圈很有影响力的人物之一,当然要先穿。   还有余文乐,阿迪达斯代言人,品味也是非常不错,影响力也很强。   罗志祥用这双鞋还搭配了跑车。   金小妹私下非常喜欢运动鞋装扮,yeezy boost 350就经常看她穿出街,这双出现在她脚上很平常。   这双鞋穿起来非常的运动直男,这也是它为何受直男们喜欢的一个非常大的原因吧。   NMD 是 NO MAD 的缩写。Boost 鞋底、Primeknit 鞋面,带着 1984 年的 Micro Pacer、1985 年的 Rising Star,以及 1986 年的 Boston Super 的影子,代表着 adidas 历史上颇有威望的三大革新时刻。   adidas Boost上脚非常的舒服,不得不承认是我穿过的运动鞋里最舒服的。它是2013年推出的崭新中底材料,由 adidas 与德国化学公司 BASF 共同研发,由一颗颗独特固态颗粒组成。   牛逼的地方在于,Boost 材质可以储存受力、并转化释放!所以踩在上面,就如踩着一片会吸收你力量后回弹的中底。   好走舒适是买一双鞋的前提条件,但样子也一定要好看,NMD就全占了,除了舒适之外样子复古又时髦,上脚效果非常的好。   侧面处的红蓝配色很清新亮眼,非常适合春夏来穿。   男女同款,搭配情侣鞋当然就方便多了。   现在可以搭配大衣来穿,应该也会非常的般配且时髦。   虽然不太好买,但是却经常推出新配色,除了经典的黑色外这双灰色也非常受欢迎,很有质感,跟黑色一样百搭。   还有纯白色的款式。侧面同样也是红蓝组合。   最近也推出了纯黑款式,这里的纯黑就是侧面的红蓝装饰也变成了黑色,更加的成熟,但觉得很笨重,美感也少了很多。   这个月推出的金黄色款式也非常的好看。   adidas Originals NMD Runner 金黄配色将于2016年2月23日进行在线登记预约抽签,获得购买资格的消费者可在指定门店购买取货。我今天还去登记了,你们祝我好运吧。   这双红色的不知道你们会不会喜欢,感觉鞋面的红黑搭配很像是西瓜瓤。   最后告诉大家需要注意的一点,因为鞋底较薄,经实测,走路过多后部会有轻微磨损,所以大家要让鞋子多注意休息哦。   现在鞋子已经吵到400多了,不知道你们愿意出这个价来买这双吗?   (声明:本文仅代表作者观点,不代表新浪网立场。)相关的主题文章: