Tuesday: SMG 011 violent storm Ding Shou weak gunmen Tuesday 011 League Cup victory for Arsenal VS Redding 2016-10-26 02:45 at the Emirates Stadium is expected to 13 degrees cloudy weather: Arsenal status: the last round of the English Premier League, the team was Middlesbrough draw, seven wins in all competitions are terminated, the Premier League is currently showing a rare scene five Title The team will not give up in the cup, but for two games a week, Wenger will be squad rotation. Failed to get the victory at the weekend ushered in a golden opportunity for Wenger to celebrate the Gunners of the game, Zhan Jinsen, Ramsey, Lu Ji, Mertesacker, Welbeck and others were injured, but the team’s rotation intensity is not reduced, after all, Redding is not the year of Redding. Redding: Redding’s team in round win, the end of the previous four wheel winless season, after Stam took office, the team still has the obvious progress, but taking into account the ability of the team, the former Holland international strategy is anti based, this season the team basically arranged by in the frontcourt attack, the fact that the dispersion of the team’s lack of an efficient shooter, and their ability to substitute in general, rotation is difficult, the main defender McShain out of the game for the team’s defense is not a small impact. Clash history: the two sides fought nearly 13 times, Arsenal all win, but in the cup, they win against Redding has never been easy. Game Analysis: the field of Macao to the Lord let the ball half low water dish, so dish the mouth is still in place, the gunman had just been draw, and the field will be rotated, the upper heat is not too high, William at the beginning of 1.33 / 4.50

9 history record home team winning more than 80%, the battle of little suspense. SMG main let a ball under his gall. The first prediction: Ospina, Bellerin, Arsenal: Paulista, Gibbs, El, Renee, Haldin kekuilin, iwobi, Adelaide, Chamberlain, Lucas, Perez Redding, Blackett, Al Habsi Van de Berg, Moore, Evans, Williams, Gunter, Beans, Swift, Macleay Lee, Cuomo Gunter SMG recommended: let wins Shengping Fu相关的主题文章: