"Warrior" heavy will reflect the Li Dongxue Brothers Group Tencent leading the strongest entertainment news by Li Dongxue, Yu Xiaowei, Nie Yuan and starring action epic "warrior" in October 14th is about to visit the national cinema. With the release date is getting closer, the film side of a series of heavy material release, following the personal version of the poster, ink version of the concept poster also launched a strong. The poster warriors walk on the blade, in the raid on the Dadu River, keywords warriors led by Li Dongxue also will open. Many users see the posters have shouted: "look forward to the strongest combination!" The movie "warrior" to the Red Army on the way to Dadu, flying from Luding Bridge hero of history as a prototype, tough build-up, vivid show of the Red Army soldiers and the brave warrior. In the recent exposure of personal version of the poster, show the key role of every people. Among them, the male protagonist Li Dongxue is defined as "the fourth group of soul", also "axe general", "Yum king" title. However, the central figure in the film compared with other manly warriors, from modeling can be seen, the head of Huang a more calm and wise, is the introverted guy. It is worth mentioning that the latest exposure of the poster shows a life and death battle war scenes with ink in between have great originality, steep mountains and rivers, bridges like a knife handle, without fear of death of warm blooded warriors fought for the victory of revolution in its struggling forward. Vigorous ink painting style skillfully reproduced in the thrilling scenes of the war, the reduction of the soul stirring battle, highlighting the warriors of the dauntless spirit. Many users see the poster after looking forward to have shouted: "feeling warriors of each division, gifted! It is the strongest combination! "According to reports, Li Dongxue as the head of a Huang Kaixiang corner, led the 22 commandos through a hail of bullets in the siege. He and Yu Xiaowei, Nie Yuan et al. The burning warrior Brothers Group, reducing the history of the real gun guy, flying from Luding Bridge staged with the most intense feeling, wrote a chapter in the history of the immortal Chinese revolution. "Fly away Luding Bridge" is one of the most primary school textbooks for having heard it many times campaign, not only in the United States is also a space for one person, as a subject of West Point. Which is the most familiar in the history of the legend, the most mighty legion, the most shocking war audio-visual, the most touching brotherhood will meet with the audience on the big screen. About that time, Li Dongxue said the warriors of the spirit of touching, they seem to be in complete a mission impossible: "" warrior "has a very strong appeal, he can touch your heart, although the shooting environment is very difficult, but it was worth it."相关的主题文章: