West Welsh: the United States data poor performance last week rose $spits clients view the latest market overnight market overnight market, the dollar index was the lowest hit 99.21, basically will spit most of Friday’s gains, because U.S. data is not satisfactory, the Fed rate hike in 2016 is expected to cool down. In addition, as China’s tired PMI data dragged down the stock market and dragged down the Australian dollar, the Australian dollar fell to 0.7042 against the dollar. On the other hand, the pound against the dollar rebounded a slight concussion, refresh the high of 1.4288, pangmei also showed days a rebound in demand, but the initial period of rising wedge bottom will constitute a drag on the exchange rate rise; market attention within the UK manufacturing PMI and turned to the U.S. PCE price index, the exchange rate triggered a new wave this week; the Bank of England announced [micro-blog] resolution, the market is expected to remain unchanged, but its policy statement or will lead to a new wave of exchange rate.  : risk aversion heats up again, pushing up gold prices, the evening U.S. data slightly worse than expected, the U.S. dollar index dropped from last week’s high, also to support the price of gold, coupled with the U.S. dollar index dropped from last week’s high price also provides support for gold. The crude oil market fell overnight in European time short-term international oil prices, the U.S. crude oil futures in March fell more than 4% of the short-term, refresh two low to $32.10 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures fell more than $1 in short-term April to refresh intraday low of $34.83 a barrel, said for two OPEC, is still not decided whether OPEC and non OPEC the state should convene a meeting, the market is expected to reach agreement on the production of rapid cooling, to suppress the formation of oil prices.   days; focus on the RBA rate decision announced that despite the days of news or data are scarce, but still in the key aspect on Guinea plate period of investor attention will be placed on the 11:30 Beijing time on Tuesday when the RBA rate decision in February, according to a Reuters poll of 32 analysts surveyed expected the RBA interest rates will remain unchanged at a record low of 2% in the February 2nd meeting, the market focused on disclosing the policy statement on economic growth, inflation, employment and other aspects of information outlook and prospects the future of monetary policy stance despite negative interest rate news flooded the market, but the market valuation shows that this year Australia fed easing probability of only moderate rise; in the absence of the RBA’s firm is expected to loose, the current interest rate level front look expensive; Australia The Fed is still reasonable and steady state economy, enhance the Australian dollar, compared to other developed countries commodity money outstanding prospects.   the European session in the afternoon needs to focus on the unemployment rate in the euro area in December. The European and American currencies do not seem to be the main focus of the market at present. However, once the basic speculation is expected, the relaxed hot spot in the euro area will be paid more attention to by the market. Important data in the day time   national             index name  . 西城威尔士:美过数据表现欠佳美元会吐上周涨幅 客户端 查看最新行情   隔夜市场   隔夜市场,美元指数表现欠佳,最低触及99.21,基本上会吐了周五的大部分涨幅,因美国数据表现并不令人满意,美联储2016年加息预期降温。再加上由于中国疲惫的PMI数据拖累了股市,更是拖累了澳元致使澳元对美元跌至0.7042。   另一方面英镑兑美元小幅震荡反弹,刷新日高1.4288,镑美也显示出日内有一定反弹需求,但料前期上升楔形底部将对汇价升势构成阻力;日内市场注意力转向英国制造业PMI及美国PCE物价指数,引发汇价新的波动;本周将公布英国央行[微博]决议,市场预期其将维持利率不变,但其政策声明或将引发汇价新的波动。    避险情绪再次升温推高金价,晚间美国数据表现稍差于预期,美元指数从上周高位回落同样给金价提供了支撑,再加上美元指数从上周高位回落同样给金价提供了支撑。原油市场在隔夜的欧洲时段国际油价短线下挫,美原油3月期货短线一度跌逾4%,刷新两日低点至32.10美元 桶,布伦特原油4月期货短线下挫逾1美元刷新日内低点至34.83美元 桶,因两名OPEC代表表示,依然没有决定欧佩克与非欧佩克国家是否应召开会议,市场关于协议减产达成的预期快速降温,对油价形成打压。    日内重点关注   澳洲联储利率决议公布   尽管日内即表明消息或者数据稀少,但是仍然不乏看点在日内亚盘时段投资者关注的重点将放在北京时间周二的11:30届时,将公布澳洲联储2月利率决议,路透调查显示32名受访分析师均预期澳洲联储将在2月2日会议上维持利率在纪录低点2.0%不变,市场主要关注其政策声明中透露的对经济增长、通胀、就业等方面前景的展望以及未来货币政策立场的相关信息 尽管负利率新闻充斥市场,但市场计价显示,今年澳洲联储宽松几率仅温和上升;在没有澳洲联储坚定宽松的预期下,当前前端利率水平看起来昂贵;澳洲联储持稳和仍合理的经济前景,增强了澳元,相对其他发达国家商品货币表现突出的前景。    下午的欧洲时段需要关注欧元区12月的失业率,欧美货币对目前似乎不是市场主要关注的重点,但是一旦有基本面炒作的预期,那么欧元区宽松的热点将重新受到市场的关注。   日内重要数据时间  国家       指标名称  重要性   11:30 澳洲 澳联储利率决议 高   17:30 欧元区 欧洲区12月失业率 高   18:00 欧元区 欧元区12月PPI月率 高   23:00 美国 美国2月IBD消费者信心指数 高  新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: