When contemporary art art consumption to pragmatism Tan Ping (b.1960)? Painting and calligraphy from one of the 2014 fan untitled price, to several million Wenwan, porcelain painting and sculpture, this year’s autumn auction by some prospects although not optimistic about the industry, but the emergence of a number of low valuation, good quality and unique collections, less the price and speculation in the art market become small collectors paradise. Someone joked that don’t go after what is popular, what computing appreciation in return, now the art market has no myth, while the high priced auction is weak, collectors can finally tired predators, Jingxiaxinlai pay for love. In Beijing Cheng Xuan autumn auction in a Kangxi Yixing high body six pots, clean lines and smooth, once at the beginning of the twentieth Century French Prime Minister George Clemenceau, politician of old Tibetan Origin prominent. George, who has been prime minister for two times, is known as "the tiger of France", and is regarded as "the father of victory" during the first world war". A war after the victory, Clemenceau and the president of the United States Wilson, British Prime Minister Lloyd George called the world "four giants". High body six pots in the teapot type in the world, the little pot stream on the original old European style gold set, and the kettle cover chain flow, and put the lid connected to prevent the unexpected drop in use, which had been cherished by the nobles. In June 2011 appeared at Sotheby’s auction in Paris. A large Inn, late Qing chongchen Westernization Group Leader Zuo Zongtang sent the single row documents sealed, very conspicuous, from the famous philatelist Xie Hubei often old tibet. A single row of Qing Dynasty post transfer document filling documents. According to the "Qing Hui Dian case, Hyobu, postal" records, "grand delivery documents, post provinces, prefectures and counties take delivery, the limit line number, receiving day and there is no scratch removed, in a single row in the state, to the end of the station, paid Department checks." This list documents sealed in the Tongzhi twelve years (1873) in October 22nd by the Gansu provincial capital letter, send Jiangsu buzhengsi, seal covered with Chinese "in places like Gansu, the government announced that the Secretary of India" at the other, "the grand minister governor cover department hall to supervise the military affairs committee of Suzhou Gansu Buzheng Company India stamp, seal with a single row full back. Positive note "jianma circadian limit line five hundred may limit his delivery, detailed records via the post title and arrival time. The letter sent to Gansu from the northwest, with horse power, across China’s Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu five provinces in East and west of nearly two thousand kilometers, which lasted less than January, via post a total of 70, is currently seen in the Qing Dynasty post from northwest to Southeast, the longest route inn most row a single document, and a complete list of Qing Dynasty Post envelope is extremely scarce, provides a rare kind of post history of Qing dynasty. The contemporary Chinese art market bubble is still hovering at the bottom of this, for those who want to use the least money to buy your favorite works of collectors is not a bad news. Abstract art has been controversial but full of vitality, more and more collectors love hanging abstract art works at home as a decoration or taste. Tan Ping’s "Untitled 2014" is one of the Chengxuan autumn auction of contemporary art.相关的主题文章: