Who says people bow down in the arena for the ceremony as unalterable principles? Sohu culture channel in defence, Tujia Yefu bluster, known as "I am the arena, people looked at can’t help laughing. First said there is "Jianghu"? The so-called rivers and lakes, but from the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and Jin Yong’s novels derived from a fictional existence. The reality of the existence of civil society, that is, self-organization of the mutual cooperation and coordination of small communities. So why should the Tujia Yefu claimed that he represents the "arena"? There is nothing more than the political arena in a boss type character can manipulate the arena, can summon wind and call for rain, and lakes can be fast. At the same time, because of its mysterious arena legendary and offbeat sense, so all those who know the truth no brain people tend to be a "legend" captured and brainwashed to follow, even. In order to make this a "quack" becomes serious, with an air of importance, as the "Three Kingdoms" in our sworn brothers, "traditional" and create a set to conform to the arena rules ceremony, the arena said was born, in fact, it is still a kind of offbeat form of civil society. Once called "quack" to those frustrated in life, adolescent turmoil, uphold justice, and stately gang up together, jointly elected or support a boss turned out, then a row of seating, a hill, overlooking this world. In fact, they are still in the civil society, just to say just a curry favour by claptrap, the term "legitimacy" back to its source, or from the fictional "Three Kingdoms". Hot in the others said, "righteousness is worship worship". Really so? Do you not see the bow the head also sat on a high under the "boss"? That’s in the worship of people. Righteousness, here is distorted. Justice is always abstract, in our hearts, we in a cavity blood, no one need to bow down to the boss". If there is, it is kneeling rather than righteous, there is an essential difference between the. In addition, no bow is not the so-called spring cause? Furthermore, the meaning itself, whether we have to re-examine and question? Also, a concrete existence (the so-called bow master or boss) that he is the perfect embodiment of righteousness? Can you say that he represents "righteousness"? The absurd is this. When it comes to the legendary originator – "righteousness" — this is fair, is a genuine surrender, no more Trinidad send huangsao and thousands of miles. According to historical records: "the" Three Kingdoms "in five years, Cao public Crusade, first lord (Liu Bei) Ben yuan shao. Tso (Guan) to bird feather, thanks to the partial general, courtesy of the very thick." In the "Three Kingdoms – Wu Ji" and wrote: (Liu) Ben (Yuan Shao) go by, (Cao Cao) by his wife, will Guan Tun xiapi, (Cao Cao) complex attack (off) the feather drop." A "feather drop" shows Guan Yu was reduced. The "Three Kingdoms" in the sight of Guan Yu righteousness thin cloud world send huangsao and thousands of miles. Obviously, that from the "Three Kingdoms", let us look at endless emotion from blood passages, but from fiction. Take a fiction.相关的主题文章: