Web-Design If you have been around the Internet at all in the last few years, you will have heard the phrase web content Management system bandied around with some frequency. You might even have realised, having heard it so much, that you probably ought to have one yourself. So what is a content management system and why should you have one attached to your website? The content management system, or CMS as it is .monly referred to, is the part of your web site that lets you put whatever content you want on there, and remove whatever content you do not want, without you having to be.e an expert in web design, web site programming, or web development. When you have a web content management system, you can log in to the back end of your web site, import whatever text and images/media files you wish to appear on the site into the CMS, and hit upload. The content management system does the rest converting everything you have asked it to publish into the right coding and the right programming so that it all appears exactly where you want it, and looks like you want it to look. So why do you need one? Because once you have a content management system attached to your web site, you can keep everything up to date without having to pay a professional to do it for you. You can use your web content management system to ensure that you do not accidentally break some vital bit of coding or programming in the background of your web site while at the same time being sure that you do indeed have the ability to upload what you want, when you want (and remove what you want, whenever you need to). The CMS works, basically, like a blog engine. You know those free blogging sites, where you are given a profile and then you can publish anything you like, including embedded pictures and media files, without having the faintest idea how to write programming code for a web application? That is how the web content management system works. When you open up the CMS part of your .pany web site, you will see a document that looks very familiar: like a famous word processing program or a modern email browser. You simply write whatever text you want to go up on your site, in the text box, and then attach image, sound or movie files to the document. When you are done, the content management system shows you a preview so you know everything is right, and then it lets you upload and update the site. Managing everyday content on even a large .pany web site is easy and risk free when you have a web content management system involved. No .pany web site can afford to have outdated information on it; and no .pany web site can afford not to have news and new information up. No .pany web site, either, can run the risk of having an employee accidentally destroy half its programming. That is why you need CMS and it is why, when you have it, life be.es a lot easier to manage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: