Why English schools will have IELTS International School Students Reading for 2017 students studying in the UK, more than the new policy, it is necessary, here is a look at the interpretation of the 2017 British students IELTS new policy. Three types of ordinary IELTS IELTS (IELTS), also known as traditional IELTS, is divided into class A (Academic) and class G (training), can be used to apply for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 4 all types of UK visa. Registration fee 1750 yuan. UKVI visa and immigration IELTS (IELTS for) is to meet the special requirements of the British visa and immigration authorities to set up the examination, can be used as part of the UK visa application materials. Registration fee of 2000 yuan IELTS life skills exam (IELTS for Life Skills) only test the candidates of the English speaking and listening level, divided into CEFR (European language common reference frame) A1 and B1 level of class two. Registration fee 1500 yuan. What are the effects of the new IELTS policy on the British students? If you are ready to apply Tier4 (student visa) to enroll in HTS British colleges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, only need to submit the evidence to the requirements of English language proficiency in offer. The Ministry of Education approved more than and 100 universities in the United Kingdom all belong to Highly Trusted Sponsor. In other words, the application of HTS institutions in the UK students, as long as the language level reached the school requirements, you can ignore this new deal. This also means that in September 2017, enrolled in the preparatory language courses students must take in the designated 12 domestic visa IELTS test class to the uk. In addition, more than half a year to apply for British undergraduate students China because IELTS is not enough, will enroll in EAP courses in language learning. These undergraduate students also need to apply for a visa in the UK visa and immigration IELTS score. Therefore, the greater the impact of the new deal, in fact, need to study in the United Kingdom to learn foreign language courses. After the implementation of new IELTS more tight while for the general application of British university bachelor degree or above China students, there is not much need to apply for 13 visa IELTS test set. But there are a lot of students, in order to avoid multiple brush points are not able to meet the requirements of IELTS HTS school, will be more inclined to choose to participate in the visa class IELTS, rather than the general ielts. However, visa IELTS has a registration fee of 2000 yuan, will undoubtedly bring greater cost to the candidates. For students who have begun to apply for British schools, may wish to participate in an ordinary IELTS test the water, and then according to the results of the next choice whether to apply for a visa IELTS exam. If the target and requirement of not much difference between you can continue to apply for colleges, colleges and IELTS; if far from, is safe, may directly apply for visa ielts. Pre-sessi.相关的主题文章: