Why UnionPay pushing apple to pay is it? Sohu, science and technology as the China cup in the year of the monkey, Jiubing, apple to pay on the first day in the lead technology circle exclaimed, and even appeared in the system of registered users due to excessive congestion, but also all UnionPay launched a full media propaganda offensive. Some commercial banks also believes that the reinforcements came at the right time can be reversed the decline in the mobile payment area. Dream is always beautiful, although there is the possibility of realization, but most of the dreams will become fantasy, more terrible is turned into nightmares. Apple is one of the most great company, but those in cooperation with apple industry downstream enterprise has almost become a victim, closed thinking is the fundamental reason of apple. Telecom operators who once shared interests with apple have woken up, and now it’s the turn of the bank. Apple Pay broke the domestic clear payment management regulatory environment Apple Pay is not called "apple to pay, because up to now, there is no apple received payment license news, apple do now is" the twilight zone". Now it looks like apple is not going to apply, but continues to rely on UnionPay and bank licenses to touch the ball. If the Apple Pay thing no one tube, then there will be a large number of enterprise mobile phone, tablet computer and other hardware enterprises, enterprises can do the same thing in the same way, I’m afraid the cup will not refuse, even Alipay.com, micro channel will also develop similar business, suffered a serious challenge to the supervision order. Apple pay will be divided to go before the bank payment and clearing up the big cake that miraculous Apple pay, does not simplify the whole industry chain, the bank card payment on the contrary, also increased the apple mobile phone this link. Previously, consumers are the direct brush bank card, the card user is now binding on Apple’s mobile phone, then brush the mobile phone, is equal to or in the credit card, but about 702010 the proportion of fee collection card three party transfer single joined apple into the Quartet, in penny more, they will be divided less, unless more charges to merchants. Apple is very good at into such a model, previously in cooperation with operators in the tested, later, some operators are down. Apple is not a point of information are not obtained, the risk of information leakage exists someone to understand according to the network information, Apple will not save customer information and detailed records of consumption, but in fact, apple just let mobile phone does not save the real number, solve the business to acquire information leaks through the encryption mode of may. As for apple, as long as you use Apple phone, as long as your information is stored on the Apple phone, there is no privacy. We can try to answer a few questions so that we can no longer deceive ourselves: does Apple know that users use Apple Pay? Does Apple know when you’re using Apple Pay? Does Apple know how many times you’ve used Apple Pay? Apple knows

为什么说银联力推苹果支付是引狼入室?-搜狐科技   作为中国银联在猴年请来的救兵,苹果支付在第一天就在引发了科技圈的惊呼,甚至还出现了注册用户过多导致的系统拥塞,银联也是发动所有宣传机器展开了全媒体的攻势。一些商业银行也认为,这个救兵来得正是时候,可以一举扭转其在移动支付领域的颓势。   梦想总是美好的,虽然有实现的可能,但梦想却多数会变成幻想,更可怕的是变成噩梦。苹果是当今最伟大的公司,可那些在产业下游与苹果合作的企业却都几乎无一例外的成为了牺牲品,苹果的封闭思维是根本原因。曾经,与苹果进行利益分成合作的电信运营商们都已经醒悟了,现在轮到银行来上套了。   Apple Pay破坏了国内清晰的支付管理监管环境   Apple Pay其实不能称为“苹果支付”,因为到现在为止,还没有任何苹果获得了支付牌照的消息,苹果现在做的是“模糊地带”。现在看起来,苹果也不会去申请,而是继续依靠银联和银行的牌照打擦边球。   如果Apple Pay的事情没有人管,那么,接下来将会有一大批手机企业、平板电脑企业、或者其他硬件企业都可以以同样的方式做同样的事情,恐怕银联也不会拒绝,甚至,支付宝、微信等也会开展类似业务,监管秩序遭遇严重挑战。   苹果支付会分走银行系以前支付清算的大蛋糕   说起来神乎其神的苹果支付,并没有简化银行卡刷卡支付的整个产业链,相反,还增加了苹果手机这一环节。以前,消费者是直接刷银行卡,现在是用户把卡绑定在苹果手机上,然后刷手机,等于还是在刷卡,可是,以前大概702010比例分手续费的发卡收单转接的三方加入了苹果后变成了四方,参与分钱的多了,大家也就分的少了,除非向商家多收费。苹果非常擅长分成这样的模式,以前就在与运营商的合作中屡试不爽,后来,有的运营商被拖垮了。   苹果绝不是一点信息都没有得到,信息泄露的风险确实存在   有人根据网络上的宣传资料来理解,苹果不会保存客户信息和详细消费记录,但是,实际上,苹果只是让手机不保存真实卡号,通过加密的方式解决了商家获取信息泄密的可能。至于苹果,只要你用了苹果手机,只要你的信息保存在苹果手机上,就没有隐私可言。   我们可以试着回答几个问题就可以让自己不再自欺欺人:   苹果知道用户使用Apple Pay吗?   苹果知道你什么时候用的Apple Pay吗?   苹果知道你用了几次Apple Pay吗?   苹果知道你在什么地方用的Apple Pay吗?   苹果知道你在什么APP里用的Apple Pay吗?   ……   银联和银行将从此失去支付“客户”,被真正的屏蔽   应该说,中国银联和参与合作的商业银行也是够拼的,虽然可能因为苹果手机用户的使用,增加了其银行卡的使用量,可是,从此以后,这些银行机构也将逐渐中消费者的视野中消失。也就是说,客户变成了苹果支付的用户,不管是中国银联还是商业银行,都只是成为了为苹果挣钱的工具。更严重的是,其他智能手机厂商群起效仿,银联也就从前台彻底消失了,实体银行卡也将从支付领域被虚拟卡替代掉,银行也从日常消费中隐身,这难道是银行业希望的结局?   在移动互联网的大趋势下,中国银联和各家商业银行要想改变现状,应该是积极拥抱变化,更加重视客户,为客户提供更好的产品和服务,改变高高在上的传统经营模式,而不是饮鸩止渴的将未来押宝在并不怎么靠谱的苹果手机身上。中国联通就是前车之鉴,希望越大,失望越大,也许这是危言耸听。   【每日一文,超过十年,欢迎业界读者沟通交流,请微博 @马继华 或加微信公众号“北国骑士”】相关的主题文章: